Massachusetts Psychic Medium, Lauren Bortolami Robbins Offers these Services:

Spiritual Medium and Psychic Medium Readings

Spiritual Medium Sessions
Lauren, a Tested & Endorsed Spiritual and Psychic Medium, offers office and phone Sessions in Massachusetts and phone based on EST time. Lauren will connect to those waiting to speak to you in the spiritual world about their life, memories, and experiences to validate you are never alone.

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Psychic Sessions
Lauren, a Tested and Endorsed Psychic, will provide a psychic reading that is commonly called a "cold reading", only speaking to your higher self to tell you about your past, present, and/or future through her clairvoyance and tells you what you need to do to be on your path.

Psychic Reading

Lauren Bortolami Professional Psychic Medium


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AYRIAL has tested this member and recommends their services. Lauren Bortolami Robbins


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"I believe in synchronicity, and when the time is right you will find the right psychic medium, reiki healer or spiritual teacher that can potentially change your life forever. " - Lauren Bortolami

AYRIAL’s Best Psychic Medium List

Psychic Medium Lauren Bortolami Robbins has been recognized as one of the country’s Best Psychic Mediums by AYRIAL Founder, Victoria lynn Weston.  “As a professional psychic-intuitive for over twenty years, I founded AYRIAL to feature the best psychic mediums who’ve been tested and recommended,” says Victoria.  “Today, it’s important for those individuals seeking accurate psychic medium insight to be able to distinguish the best psychic mediums from those who are simply not in that category. We save individuals the work of scouring the internet searching for qualified, accurate and authentic psychic and spiritual mediums.”

About Lauren Bortolami Robbins

Lauren is a natural born gifted psychic medium who delivers heartfelt, loving and compassionate messages from deceased family and loved ones.  She has trained in spiritual and holistic modalities and specializes in private angel, psychic medium, and healing sessions, spiritual training, and medium gallery events. She resides in Boston, Massachusetts and offers private sessions in person, telephone and online, as well as hosting group gallery event readings.

Lauren was just two years old when she had the gift to connect to spirit after an illness and could see into two realms simultaneously and feel spiritual presences around her.  Yet, Lauren's siblings and parents did not believe her when she said "I see people in my room".  Desperate to "fit in", Lauren refused to disclose that she could read her classmates personalities.  An ability she couldn't simply turn off, by the time Lauren graduated high school,  her gifts were stronger and fully developed.

In 2007, Lauren felt guided to help others with healing, grief and trauma and opened “The Reiki Shoppe" which today, has evolved to "The Spiritual Path with Lauren Bortolami" located 66 West Street, Mansfield, Mass.

Raised Catholic, Lauren has a strong belief of God and always incorporates prayer into her psychic medium readings, spiritual healings and teachings.

AYRIAL has tested this member and recommends their services. AYRIAL has tested Lauren via "cold readings" and has ranked high based on details, specifics, timeframes and accuracy. We recommend her and her services.  Lauren has also received over 135 glowing reviews from her clients! 

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I rave about you to everyone I know. You have truly blessed my life. Because of you I was able to communicate with him. Because of you I have a deeper belief in God and the Heavens. Because of you I can function in life because before meeting with you I spent endless days in bed thinking the love of my life was gone completely. Your gift is amazing and not a day goes by that I don't think of you and thank the lord for sending me to you to be able to connect with my man.
Mary - Psychic Medium Reading
I've always known people come into our lives for a reason, with some touching our souls in a profound told me about someone from my past who I would reconnect with after 20 heart full of feelings which were subconsciously always there...a love from my life without saying a told me his name and described him so well...only things the two of us told me he was coming back into my life and within weeks, we reconnected just as you predicted and it was like time stood still when we met again.
"The reading I received from you was amazingly accurate. Everything you told me was honestly and sincerely conveyed. You truly have a gift from God. Your readings are unique and set you apart from others in your field."
Lois M.
I am the dad of daughter who passed suddenly in October of 2015.... You connected with her briefly. She told you about the tiger, the stuffed animal of hers that I sleep with, and that she was with Jesus. She kept talking about a playground in her name. I thought she was talking about something else. Well damn, would you know it I got a text today from a group in my town, they are going to rebuild the playground in her honor. I am just so happy to hear and to know that it was my child talking though you. Thank you so much for reaching out to my baby girl and letting her talk to me. You are truly a gifted person.
One Father's Experience