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I was not planning to analyze or write anything about the royal wedding but after watching it on TV I got inspired and I decided to take a look at Harry’s and Meghan’s birth charts to see their connections and understand what brought them together. Nevertheless, while I was watching the ceremony I also realized that there is a reason for their marriage that goes beyond their birth charts, maybe it is a message from the Source and/or the strong legacy from Princess Diana who is for sure rejoicing in heaven not only because her son is happy but also because his marriage promotes the union of countries, cultures and classes, beliefs that she advocated throughout her life.

Going back to Harry’s and Meghan’s birth charts, for some years they have the most important connection that any couple would like to have. Then they will have to rely on other connections and hopefully they will focus on the happiness of the other, that formula always works but requires a lot of love, because there will be situations when one would like to control the other one and the road will be a little rough.

Since a picture paints a thousand words and the Chinese really mastered that say not only when they developed their written language but also when they developed their astrological studies, let’s check out the symbols in Harry’s and Meghan’s birth charts to understand the most important connection that they have. You can do the same thing by plotting your birth chart and the birth chart of your significant other at my BaZi calculator.

In case you don’t know anything about BaZi birth charts, they have four pillars, one is the year of birth, the second one is the month, the third one is the day and the fourth one is the hour. Each pillar has various elements. The top element in the day of birth represents the self and is called the day master, the Chinese zodiac animal below the day master is known as the relationship palace and the elements below the zodiac animal in the relationship palace represent, among others, what the person looks for the most in a significant other. In addition to the four pillars, there is a pillar known as the luck pillar, that is equally important as the four pillars and changes every 10 years in a person’s life.

Harry is identified as a Yang Water Person and Meghan is identified as a Yang Wood person. There is a metaphysical concept beyond the scope of this article, which specifies that the Yang Wood that represents Meghan is hidden behind Yin Water so somehow her nature has both elements.

Since Meghan is Yang Wood and also Yin Water, check out Harry’s chart below and see how she is all over. She is even the element in his relationship palace so he is really in love with her and she has what he looks for in a significant other.

Taking in consideration that Harry is Yang Water, check out Meghan’s chart and see how he is not in her four pillars, however he is in her current luck pillar so he is part of her life but his presence is not as strong as her presence within him. Nevertheless, don’t panic, he still has what she looks for in a significant other, it is in his year of birth that contains Yang Wood. She also likes to see some Yang Fire in her significant other and he has that as well, but it is in his luck pillar so it won’t be there forever but the Yang Wood is the most important.

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The magic between them will not last too long. Even royal couples go through ups and downs and even royal couples need to realize that #LoveIsTheOnlyWay.

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