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For those who desire a deeper creative life with a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Perhaps you already have been working on this in yourself but are wondering how to push through a plateau? 

This coaching program is recommended for those ready to create their life masterpiece using your spaces and places. Collaborate with your interiors to attract meaningful shifts in life! Your interiors are standing around waiting for you to just say the word.

Invite holistic methods of living into your spaces to help you accomplish and support life’s ever changing scenarios.  This 4 week 1:1 online coaching situation teaches you how that looks in your unique environment.

  • One hour initial conversation via Video Call
  • Up to 10 initial adaptations offered
  • Life Map Floor Plan created for your property
  • A detailed write up from our initial consultation to collaborate with while realigning your spaces and places
  • 30 days unlimited email support and once a week – 30 minute – check ins via video chats.
  • 4 weekly exercises in your inbox which form a new perspective in your interiors all while learning the love language of your spaces and places
  • Complimentary 1 week set of Journal Pages using Feng Shui tools which capture patterns to life and your spaces

Fee $525

Have a special 1:1 need? 

Contact me to chat about your request in allowing a deeper relationship with your interiors.

YES! I want to do this!

A Service Comparable to the Cost of a Massage

“This support was just what I needed to clarify the changes I want to make on my house and in my office.  I look at this service as a healthy choice comparable to the cost of a massage or acupuncturist.” – Long term client, Kate

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About Sharon Wunder

Sharon Wunder - Feng Shui consultant - Life Map Readings - AYRIAL

Sharon Wunder is a Denver based aesthetic lifestyle coach.  Her Conspire Design Method™ blends Feng Shui and Design Principles in a unique and artful way.  Creatives and forward thinkers connect whole heartedly to this practice which speaks the love language of one’s interiors.

Sharon knows that her genealogy would show a straight line to Wonder Woman, not only in namesake but in what she stands for – all while in those boots!!! Oh my!

“Life…it’s just as you arrange it”


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