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Simple Shui – Fall Inspiration

Fall, being the gorgeous season she is, presents us enormous opportunities to reconnect with nature. This is important considering we spend more time likely indoor than out. under artificial light. Breathing stale air. With simulated sounds and smells.

Feng shui promotes bringing nature inside your living space as much as possible. And I have a gathered a few starting points for your consideration.

With fall in full flourish, bring some ripe apples and plump pumpkins inside your home.

Open your windows wide and often. Replace the stale air with a fresh breeze every chance you get.

Buy a household plant, like an ivy or fern. Plants naturally remove indoor toxins and purify the air you breathe.

Turn the television off.

Add rocks somewhere in your home. Use them as plant fillers, a paperweight on your desk, or as a unique addition to a guest bathroom sink.

Position a small fan in a room to mimic an outdoor breeze.

use color throughout your home. gaze outside. nature wears a kaleidoscope of hues.

Imitate natural sunlight with full spectrum lighting, especially in windowless rooms or nooks.

Light candles or hang twinkling lights to duplicate the aura of dusk.

Most importantly, SPEND TIME OUTDOORS.

Walk in the grass barefoot.

Stand in the sun and absorb its warmth.

Let the cold air bite your cheeks.

Smell the burning fireplaces in the late fall air.

Run your fingers through the dirt.

Listen to the birds, crickets, rustling leaves, falling rain or snow. . .whatever season sounds surround you.


Begin your day with a few minutes in the sunlight. and honor its end by soaking up some moonlight.

Whatever you decide, harness a little of Mother Nature {and stoke some shui!} by cultivating her presence within your home!

xo – Amanda

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Amanda Gibby Peters is a Dallas-based feng shui consultant and blogger with an international clientele. She believes feng shui is about living with what you love. Amanda lives with her husband and twin daughters.  Learn more

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