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Intuitive Consultant
Mind-Body Trainer
Spirit Channel
Reiki Master and NLP Practitioner
Stress Management, Anatomy and Physiology


Individuals, Professionals, Business Owners


Zurich, Switzerland
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Isa Styles


Isa Styles – Intuitive Consultant, Mind-Body Trainer and Founder of Aspect.33

About Isa Styles

Lovely to e-meet you, my name is Isa.

I’m very blessed to be a highly sensitive person (HSP).  From a very small child I’ve experienced life through my sensitivity, evolving into a highly intuitive and psychic consultant, channeling various forms of energies.

I’ve skipped, walked and sometimes crawled the road less travelled, and overcome many challenges. I spent ten years in high stress, corporate environments, working for some key global players. After hitting a wall, I decided it was time to completely change my direction and lifestyle.

From that point, I made the decision to fine tune my intuition and to support others on their journey. For the last ten years I’ve travelled extensively, honing my abilities, furthering my education, building a solid platform and supporting clients in a multitude of ways.

I’m British-Swiss. Raised in the UK and now Iiving in Zurich, Switzerland. I love to travel and experience other cultures. When I’m at home, on “days off” I can be found high up in the mountains, meditating and plugging into nature’s bounty or planning my next exciting adventure!

We all have the ability to be highly intuitive, some are naturally more open than others. Although I channel and provide psychic and intuitive guidance both personally and professionally, I always look at ways that you can tap into your own higher intelligence, teaching you full empowerment.
You will find me gentle, a good listener and a straighter talker. I don’t fluff about – time is precious. I have a very British sense of humour. Laughter is after-all good for the soul.

I’m a certified Sophrologist, Reiki Master and NLP Practitioner. In Stress Management, Anatomy and Physiology. Over several years I’ve trained in Shamanic Studies and Spiritism – working with highly evolved mentors in different parts of the world. I practice yoga, meditation, and on an eternal mission to gain more knowledge.

Isa Styles Consulting Services

Business Consulting for Executives, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

  • Channeled psychic and intuitive guidance
  • Strategy – company direction and internal strategies
  • Employee – promotions, hires and challenges
  • Negotiations – guiding you to a positive outcome
  • Management situations – navigating to over come conflicts to maintain a positive work environment
  • Adviser – general channeled advisory in all areas


30 minute consultations:  suitable for 1-2 questions: $140.

60 minute consultations: $225.

Day rate by request

Contact to Schedule a Session

Meditation Cushions – Handmade in Switzerland

Aspect.33 invites you to create a space for peace of mind, comfort, and a little self-indulgence. Quality time for you to recharge.

The meditation cushions are hand-made in Switzerland through social community organisations and a donation from each cushion goes to the World Land Trust. The cushions are made from beautiful high-end Japanese and European cotton and linen mixes. The inserts are made from Swiss organic cotton and filled with organic millet hulls which are anti allergic. The cushions offer a firm seat to hold a good meditation posture. They also make fun floor cushions for children and adults and add an additional splash of colour and culture to a room.

Due to the strict laws in the USA, Australia and New Zealand I cannot send the cushions with their filling. I now have an option for customers to fill their own, with their own choice of filling. Millet hulls, buckwheat hulls or kapok – which can all easily be bought via Amazon and other online outlets.

They make fabulous gifts, share a little peace of mind with those that you love. A donation from each cushion and candle goes to The World Land Trust.
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