STINGER Uses Ultimate Weapon, the Phoenix Button, to decimate her enemy. Will she live?

Threshold of Fire, issue 1 of of the new graphic novel series, Tree of Keys, is now available on Amazon!

If Ever There were a Time for the Astro Heroes to Save the Planet it is NOW! 

(MediaQuire) Atlanta, GA –  Threshold of Fire, issue 1 of of the new graphic novel series, “Tree of Keys, is now for sale on Amazon!  Follow these bold kids as they battle the Distortion and discover how to: FIGHT EVIL WITH YOUR OWN TALENTS.

Tree of Keys is a story that traces the journey of 12 orphans as they transform into Astro Heroes based on qualities, talents, and challenges of each  astrological sign…and save the world. Does The Distorter, Nefos, have a chance?  Will Zalinda the Harmonizer Prevail?  Will each Astro Hero emphasize the best or worst of their STAR POWER.

Read the comic and discover your own Astro Hero.

Constance Stellas (creator, author) is an actor (SAG-AFTRA/AEA), writer and astrologer. Her best-selling books include The Hidden Power of Everyday Things, The Astrology Gift Guide, Advanced Astrology for Life and The Everything Book of Sex Signs. This last book has gone into a second printing, been translated into French, and is also available on Amazon.  With over 25 years of astrology experience, she regularly consults the stars for clients from the arts, business, academia, and regular folks. A guest on Sirius/XM’s Broadminded and currently one of the Virtues on The Outer Limits of Inner Truth podcast, Constance has also had columns in Prestige Magazine (Singapore), Valley Life (LA), Scarlett Magazine (UK), and now blogs for the Huffington Post.

Constance Stellas is also a member of the prestigious AYRIAL group. For more information, visit Tree of Keys.  And, visit 

Must have graphic novel: Tree of Keys Issue 1, Threshold of Fire!  @stellastarguide @AYRIAL7 

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