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Julie Bell Buras is an Empath, Intuitive & a Feng Shui Consultant 

“Good feng shui promotes a clean, open area where qi (chi), or natural energy, can gather. That way your children will feel empowered, energized and loved in that space.” says Joey Yap, Founder of Mastery Academy Of Chinese Metaphysics.

Who is Julie Bell Buras?

Hello! I’m Julie Bell Buras – Life Enhancement Coach and Empath

It’s true, I’ve been a lifelong empath and intuitive since childhood.   I had an innate ability to use my gifts throughout my thirty-four years of service working in the public school system.   I dedicated sixteen years as a 1st grade teacher which included my being a cognitive intervention educator  for Windham School System.  This is the part of Texas public education that provides for inmates in state penitentiaries.  In addition, I dedicated eighteen years as a school counselor for junior high and high school, with the vast majority of my profession in working with At-Risk students.

As a Life Enhancement Consultant, I will work with a client through a personalized, confidential needs assessment to determine which life area is most challenging for client.  As a consultant I value each client as unique and that no one approach applies.  Whether I’m consulting as a Life Coach or Feng Shui consultant, I will draw from many different modalities including Aromatherapathy, Numerology to assist each person individually.

Feng Shui, the ancient art of placement is useful to enhance our lives in a variety of ways.  I like to use feng shui to help parents with unruly children or At-Risk children.

My consultations are strictly confidential and I’m available by appointment by telephone SKYPE or Facebook Messenger.

Julie Bell Buras Services: Feng Shui Practitioner


It’s human nature as children grow, they can sometimes act defiant and disrespectful toward toward their parents.  All parents well-behaved, polite children.  If  you are experiencing some misbehavior from your children, I can help.

Did you know that you can positively influence your child’s behavior by making small design adjustments in their bedrooms and throughout your home? I can help you apply the centuries old Chinese art of feng shui principles.

Feng Shui focuses on the study of Qi (pronounced “chi”, which is energy) and how it can be harnessed to create harmonious living; better health, successful career or business, and fulfilling relationships for the people inhabiting the space. When your home, office or any space is designed properly to allow the positive life energy of chi to flow properly, you can enhance your life for good health, better behaved and happy kids, attract wealth and much more.

In addition to helping your children become more disciplined and respectful, using my feng shui techniques, I can make further adjustments to help them focus on school homework.  Starting first in the child’s bedroom to make simple design adjustments.  Perhaps more important, applying feng shui principles will help establish “who’s boss” in the household. Every child needs to respect who’s in charge of the home without coming across as an authoritarian.  Every child loves to have friends, but it’s more important that they have and respect their parents.

Save My Family Now

As a Professional School Counselor for the past 18 year, I have learned a LOT about adolescents and what makes them “tick”.   In the vast majority of situations between kids/parents, the kids are good kids and the parents are good parents.  Nobody needs therapy, they just need a common experience that gets them talking.  Talking about the positive benefits of Feng Shui practices becomes a common experience helps both parties get past the “mad” and focus those negative energies into an experience that can mutually benefit everyone.

  • Identify and overcome the main cause of troubling behavior of your child or teen.
  • Reduce family frustration by applying Feng Shui principles.
  • Subtle changes in the child’s bedroom can empower, build confidence, and create better communication.

After a free phone consultation, we can then determine if my services will be beneficial in this situation, a FaceTime or Skype meeting will be scheduled.

Schedule a Free 15-Minute Consultation!

 “Your child’s bedroom is the room that has the most influence on the child, so assessing the placement of furniture, toys, art and digital items is key to creating a balanced, happy and well behaved child.” – Julie Bell Buras


Life Enhancement Coach – Live Life Joyously!

Do you dream of starting a new chapter in your life?  Are you looking to be inspired, content and spiritually balanced?  Are you looking for guidance to help you live your full potential?

Are you craving a space that brings family and friends together in an environment where each person is supported and nurtured? A home with fewer arguments and more connections with positive interactions?

From time to time, we all need a good friend, coach or mentor to help us through some of life’s challenges.   As a Life Enhancement Coach, I can address a variety of areas including: Personal Growth, Communication Skills, Confidence & Personal Power, Inner Peace & Organization and Schedule Planning. 

Together, we can work to help you overcome obstacles and blocks to live your life joyously!

Schedule 15-Minute Consultation

“I can help you live life joyously by helping you choose the right actions, choices and decisions.” Julie Bell Buras

Health and Weight Loss

We know that diets don’t work. 

Struggling to lose those final pounds?

Looking for a weight loss coach to help you keep on track?


I can help you through the challenge of losing weight.

We often need outside help to keep us focused, motivated and inspired.  There are a variety of life coaches who provide such support.  In addition to my own mentoring and coaching to help you live life joyously, I can keep you focused on your goals to lose weight.

Whether you are trying to lose 5, 10 or 50 pounds, you realize that you need something more than a set of scales to keep you focused on your weight loss goal.

You already have your healthy diet menu, but…

You are getting a little anxious about attending your friends’ wedding, your high school reunion or making a big presentation for your job, I can be your health coach every day to keep you motivated and focused.

Together we’ll design a health coach plan to connect morning or evening to check in and see how your daily progress is doing.  I’m a great listener and you can share the stress you were under when you devoured the entire bag of potato chips for lunch.

Are you a nighttime eater?  Instead of reaching for the pint of chocolate Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream, call me.  Together, we’ll talk  about the positive changes you are making and that foregoing the ice-cream will help you achieve the results you are looking for.

In addition, I’ll share a few feng shui tips that you can do in your home and office to help you keep focused on healthy eating and weight loss.

There are dozens of reasons for consulting someone like me.  However, this is about you.  And, I’m passionate about helping you.

Reach out to me and let’s discuss your goals.  If we’re a fit, I am confident you’ll find those once unobtainable weight loss goals become a reality.

The Bell Starter Plan

Feeling stressed, depressed or anxious?  Before you reach for binge eating or caving to bad food choices, call  me and I can guide you through that moment and help you select a healthy replacement.

Daily or weekly health coach sessions.

The Bell 12-Weeks Fit for Life

You know the basic food pyramid plan.  I’ll help you  replace bad eating – poor food choices with healthy eating habits.  We’ll go over your current diet and we’ll create a customized plan that will be easy for you to follow. I’ll help you keep focused, motivated and inspired until these new changes become second nature.

This is a 12-week daily health coaching consultations.

Schedule a Free 15-Minute Consultation!

“Feng Shui is the Chinese ancient art and science of placement to promote the positive life energy of chi… this energy also applies to the food you eat for weight loss.” – Julie Bell Buras 

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