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Ainslie Faust is an intuitive, Jungian-based astrologer.  Ainslie holds an MA in counseling Psychology and a PhD in Philosophy and Religion with a concentration on symbol systems and Jungian Psychology. With over twenty-five years experience in astrological counseling, Ainslie brings a unique, artistic perspective, to her workshops and readings.

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In 2013, I began my daily blog, featuring Street Art from around the World. I published two of my novels, written in the late 90’s, this year as well. With an MA in counseling Psychology, and a PhD in Philosophy and Religion,  I bring a psychological and philosophical perspective to my work. My PhD, from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, concentrated on symbol systems and Jungian Psychology. With over twenty five years experience in astrological counseling, I impart a unique, artistic vision, to my workshops and readings.

Explore more about Ainslie’s blog,, features Street Art from around the World as well as her own Mandala drawings.

As a writer, Ainslie has written and published books available on AMAZON:

  • Uncurtained Window – Set in an unspecified location and organized around Valentine’s Day, Uncurtained Window, is an intimate glance into an obsessed woman’s soul. A single mother working on her dissertation becomes captivated with an uninterested man and pursues him relentlessly. Flashbacks to her childhood provide a rationale for her extreme behavior. Ultimately this is a tale of love and redemption.
  • The Man-Eater – Set on an unidentified Greek Island, The Man-Eater is a mystical, hallucinatory, vision of a female artist’s odyssey from past to present time.


So grateful to have found Ainslie — she is a gem of an astrologer: knowledgeable, articulate, creative in her explanations and analogies, direct and professional. I was especially impressed at how quickly she is able to synthesize a large amount of information during her readings; that is truly a rare skill. I also love that her readings can effortlessly incorporate art and classic poetry to illustrate a particular point, archetype, or energy. Her manner of expression is uniquely her own, very balanced and logical and infused with a joyful and creative spirit. It is an absolute delight to get a reading from her.
Gemini G
Ainslie’s reading is very accurate and she makes you feel very comfortable and confident on the phone. I recommend her strongly if you would like to know more about your chart. She gives you a full reading with a lot of insight and reflection on how to understand what may be happening. In addition, her daily posts are interesting and fun to read!
Helene F.
Ainslie was incredibly knowledgeable and very easy to talk to over the phone. She not only said a lot of things that were on point with who I am as a person (natal reading) but I was able to apply the reading she did with my transit analysis to my life for the better. She provided a audio of our conversation for me as well as written notes of the reading. Could not have had a better experience! Highly recommended.
Roy E.

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