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Kristin Short

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Kristin Short is a Life Purpose Coach, Feng Shui Consultant & Qi Gong Energy Worker GAHP-certified-logo

“Life is a journey, not a destination. There is no place to get to and no final goal to achieve. There is only the continuous discovery and expression of your infinite potential in this moment.” ~ Derek Rydall 

About Kristin Short


Kristin Short works with artists, writers, and creative professionals to create the art they dream of and the life of their dreams. Coaching, feng shui, and energy work serve as creative tools for artists to breakthrough creative blocks, depression, anxiety and more.

I use “holistic tools to create the life you really want!” 


Kristin Short offers these services:

Coaching for Artists, Writers, and Creative Professionals

Live Your Highest Vision Coaching Package Kristin Short

Life Changing Life Coaching Package: You will be Guided on a 3 Phase Journey:

1. Connect with Your “Infinite I” : Who is your higher self and how to connect to it

2. New Beginnings: A fresh look at our life, our purpose and current stories and if all is really as it seems.

3. Embodying the Truth: Using Breathwork, meditations and energy healing to have an embodied experience of the realizations which also lead to more intuition and awareness of our life path and next direction. As we become more in alignment with our true path, there is less resistance and less suffering which means more freedom and joy!

Let’s schedule a convenient time to talk!  Feel free to use Kristin Short’s calendar to schedule a 30-minute Discovery Call!

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Does it feel like your dreams are passing you by?

• Do anxiety, depression, or other difficult emotions get in the way of finding and living your life purpose?

Does your creativity feel stuck or blocked?

• Has a lack of guidance had you floating through life without direction?

• Does a lack of clarity serve as an obstacle in pursuing your true heart’s desire?

• Does fear, procrastination, or indecision stop you from fulfilling your dreams? 

Are you ready for something to shift so that you can finally step into the life your meant to live?

I guide open-minded individuals on the path of fulfilling their most wild and creative dreams. Through life coaching, Feng Shui, and Energy Work we enter a world filled with clarity, connection, and purpose. On this creative path of Freedom, one can continuously discover and express their infinite potential.

Skilled at working with those suffering from depression, anxiety, relationship obstacles, and ‘stuck artist syndrome,’ through experiencing these obstacle myself and then finding the tools to embark on a more fruitful joyful path, I love to guide others on their way to dream fulfillment.

We will work on the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual aspects of life. I will use holistic life coaching, energy medicine, breath, sound, movement, and listening to direct the positive shift at a cellular level. When a shift happens at a cellular level, that means your whole being has experienced the transformation and not just parts of you.

Kristin has organized the journey into 8 categories to create a map of the process:

  • Create body awareness
  • Find the body mind connection
  • Renew the spiritual connection
  • Let go of the past
  • Find and embrace your authenticity
  • Discover and deepen clarity around Life Purpose
  • Create the new reality
  • Live the new reality

Even if you’ve already done work in these areas, there is always more to learn and new growth to experience.

Living in the now as your Authentic Emanation enables clarity on your life’s mission and action to make your dreams a reality. Your authentic be-ing is a bridge to the Divine. Whatever your spiritual connection is to you, it is far easier to unite with this connection when you have learned the difference between your conditioned self which runs on data, old stories, and false beliefs, and your Authentic Self/Authentic Emanation, which is an extension of the Divine.

You don’t have to lose another minute. If you realize it’s time …. time to step into authenticity and the fullest expression of you … time to feel whole and full of vitality …. if you realize there is no time like the present and no time to lose, contact me today for your complementary 30-minute discovery session.

Sessions are by Skype or Call: 866. 644.0503  

Email for additional information.  

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“Kristin has a wealth of practical wisdom and energy gifts that she tailored intuitively to wherever I was on my journey toward recovery from chronic illness as a means of personal growth. She’s just a gem! I’m more than happy to highly recommend her!” ~ Cathy, Scotland

Energy Work/Qi Gong

Art flowers in the morning in an English park

Access consciousness is a form of energy healing that renews the nervous system and assist you in releasing limiting belief patterns.

Qi Gong meditations serve as a way to transform negative energy into positive vitality, to increase your physical energy, and more.

Qi Gong and Energy Work are the same thing. I am studying Qi Gong under Master Mantak Chia and am certified to teach several empowering and transforming Qi Gong Meditations.

Email or call for a complementary 30-minute consultation on how you can get started with a Qi Gong practice.

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“Kristin is deeply intuitive and has a gentle loving manner that put me immediately at ease. With her guidance, I have been able to identify and release some chronic painful patterns and bring myself out of a sense of unworthiness and self-judgement into compassion for myself. She also has helped me realise my deep desire for more play-time in my life, where I can set aside time to just ‘be me.’ I had no idea how disconnected I was from that playful part of myself! I am ever grateful for her inspired and supportive coaching.” ~ C.L., Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Feng Shui

Encounter a whole new way of experiencing your space and how it can work for you!

Feng Shui is a way of using your space as a catalyst for deep transformation in every area of life.

Your life can be revealed in the spaces where you live and work. Once this revelation happens, your space not only becomes a conscious expression of your life, it becomes an ally in creating the life of your dreams.

There are 2 approaches to Feng Shui: the classical approach and the western approach. I am trained in the classical approach, which is the original method of Feng Shui that began over 4,000 years ago in China and continues to be relevant all over the world today.

I enjoy the classical approach because its layered mapping system creates a unique dynamic and many aspects to work with. The building’s construction year, the occupant’s birthday, a compass, and the 4-cardinal and inter-cardinal directions all interact with each other to create a unique mapping system that serves as a guide to transformation.

I also integrate intuitive design, based on the science of the flow of energy. And just to ease any concern, no your house will not look like a Chinese shop when we’re done ;).

I was blessed to study Feng Shui in New York under Roger Green. One of the pioneers in spreading classical Feng Shui, Roger studied Feng Shui in China before spreading it all over the world through schools in major cities in Australia, the U.K., Germany, and more. His intelligence was behind the adaptation of certain formulas to make them accurate for Feng Shui in the Southern Hemisphere. This had never been done before. Feng Shui was birthed in the Northern Hemisphere and the formulas were specific to the North.

Far location? No problem.

Feng Shui Consultations can be done either in person or online via Skype. 

If you are local, (my location currently varies so feel free to ask where I am now! 😉 ), we will meet in person. Otherwise, location is not a barrier and I highly recommend inquiring about an online session.

I will travel for your consultation, just know travel and lodging are an additional investment.

Now, which Feng Shui would you like?

Office & Corporate
Health & Healing Environments

“Adding Feng Shui to my current life transition is epic. It’s affecting my whole vision of what I have, what my life is for, and how I want to present myself to the world.” ~ A.M., Oakland, California, USA

“I’ve had around 12 sessions with Kristin and each one has been amazing in a different way. She has helped me release tension I’ve had in my neck for years, and has released spiritual blocks that I didn’t even know were there. 

I’ve gained a great deal of knowledge of my own energy flow and habits from my sessions with Kristin. She has inspired me to incorporate breathing and movement into my daily life that has improved my outlook and manifestation power. 

Kristin is also very patient and I find her presence itself soothing, so it is very easy to relax and get into a healing  and learning space with here. She has become a valuable part of my life and I hope to work with and learn from her  for many years.” ~ B.R., Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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