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Kristin Short

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Kristin Short is a Life Purpose Coach, Feng Shui Consultant & Qi Gong Energy Worker GAHP-certified-logo

“Life is a journey, not a destination. There is no place to get to and no final goal to achieve. There is only the continuous discovery and expression of your infinite potential in this moment.” ~ Derek Rydall 

About Kristin Short


Kristin Short works with artists, writers, and creative professionals to create the art they dream of and the life of their dreams. Coaching, feng shui, and energy work serve as creative tools for artists to breakthrough creative blocks, depression, anxiety and more.

I use “holistic tools to create the life you really want!” 


Kristin Short offers these services:

Coaching for Artists, Writers, and Creative Professionals

Live Your Highest Vision Coaching Package Kristin Short

Life Changing Life Coaching Package: You will be Guided on a 3 Phase Journey:

1. Connect with Your “Infinite I” : Who is your higher self and how to connect to it

2. New Beginnings: A fresh look at our life, our purpose and current stories and if all is really as it seems.

3. Embodying the Truth: Using Breathwork, meditations and energy healing to have an embodied experience of the realizations which also lead to more intuition and awareness of our life path and next direction. As we become more in alignment with our true path, there is less resistance and less suffering which means more freedom and joy!

Let’s schedule a convenient time to talk!  Feel free to use Kristin Short’s calendar to schedule a 30-minute Discovery Call!

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Energy Work/Qi Gong

Art flowers in the morning in an English park

Access consciousness is a form of energy healing that renews the nervous system and assist you in releasing limiting belief patterns.

Qi Gong meditations serve as a way to transform negative energy into positive vitality, to increase your physical energy, and more.

Qi Gong and Energy Work are the same thing. I am studying Qi Gong under Master Mantak Chia and am certified to teach several empowering and transforming Qi Gong Meditations.

Email or call for a complementary 30-minute consultation on how you can get started with a Qi Gong practice.

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