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Laura Novakowski, MBA, RN

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Positive Power Professional Life Coach – Laura Novakowski 

“What is a soul? It’s like electricity – we don’t really know what it is, but it’s a force that can light a room.” – Ray Charles

Laura Novakowski, MBA, RN

Professional Life Coach and Executive Coach, Laura Novakowski works with professionals to help them clearly define and reach their goals.

Laura Novakowski, RN, MBA is an explorer and expander of personal, professional, community and organizational potential. A Change and Implementation Facilitator. A former senior healthcare executive, Laura focuses on culture change and alignment at all levels of an organization. Laura’s experience includes working with communities, large healthcare systems, Fortune 500 Companies, and government agencies (e.g. Department of Defense, US Marine Corps, US Navy, and US Air Force).

Laura is the Founder and President of Positive Power Strategies, Inc. As a professional speaker, she is often asked to speak corporate, business and women’s groups about her experiences to inspire audiences to explore and expand their own power, potential and passion in order to reach extraordinary results.

Today, she is inviting professionals and individuals to work with her, so they can expand their potential, power and passion their careers and professional lives.

“When the “soul” of an individual or a company is nurtured there are very strong forces that will hold it together. If the “soul” of an individual or company is not nurtured there are equally strong forces to tear it apart.” – Laura Novakowski, MBA, RN

Positive Power Strategies, Inc. Available Programs

Power Up Your Vibration!

Have you ever walked into a room or a meeting and sensed immediate discomfort from someone in the room? 

Have you sensed the person that seems to blink Charisma? 

Have you also sensed the person or persons who appear like they need more rest and they seem to be not completely present?

This is an exciting new program brought to you and presented by Laura Novakowski and Sybilla Lenz.

Laura Novakowski & Sybilla Lenz bring you an exciting new program. 

Our Vibe that is the message we give off and that message can be discouragement, anger, discomfort, happiness, charisma, or general well-being.  Everyone gives off a Vibe or a message about their energy.

What is your message?  Would you like your message to be different especially if you are ready to be present in a meeting and you have not slept well for the past two days and the bills are piling up and you are overall discouraged about life? 

Are you ready to Power Up Your Vibration? Contact Laura and Sybilla today to learn how you can benefit from consulting with these two highly sought after consultants.  They will first talk with you to learn about you, and will structure a unique program of counseling based on you, your goals.

Tips to Power Up Your Vibe!

Power Up My Vibration!

First Step to Great Leadership – Creating a Compelling Vision

Focus the vision – from development to creation of a common agenda to unify a team

Laura Novakowski is  Professional Life Coach.  Working with her includes many benefits including:

  • Creates a “True North” – a sense of direction
  • Connects passion with purpose
  • Builds a cornerstone for work and life strategies
  • Orchestrates the team to a common call to action
  • Energizes the team and focuses performance
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Yes, I’m Ready!

“I have utilized Laura’s professional coaching services for years. She has helped me put many things in perspective and helped grow my confidence and capabilities as I moved into various roles in my organization. I can say without a doubt that her coaching has contributed directly to my success. She helped me recognize patterns that emerged over time and made suggestions of guidance. She is thorough, bright, and a delight to work with. Laura has made a significant investment in me professionally and I am deeply thankful.”Steven Willison, MBA, CSSGB, PHR, SHRM-CP, Manager, HR & Training – Fairchild Semiconductor

The Real Leadership Challenge – Getting & Maintaining Peak Performance

The Real Leadership Challenge get beyond high level messaging and understand what motivates team members to achieve and maintain peak performance.

Working with a professional life coach and executive coach who:

  • Understands what motivates each team member to do his/her best for the whole
  • Moves a group into a team around a unified vision
  • Develops dynamic strategic objectives and measurable goals
  • Demonstrates how teams challenge each other and set the bar higher
  • Embraces and seeks change

Yes, I’m Ready!

“Upon your first meeting with Laura, one will quickly conclude she is a walking embodiment of her corporate motto, ‘Exploring and expanding passion and potential.’  Rarely do you find such a unique soul like Laura who practices in her personal life what she preaches in her corporate one.  You need not conduct a personality test on Laura.  She is a match for all who opt to work with her.” – 

Doug Coultrane, VP, Senior Client Advisor & Tim McMullen, VP, Relationship Strategist – PNC Bank.

Laura Novakowski, MBA, RN’s Popular Speaking Topics

While Laura tailor’s each motivational and inspiration talk to its audience, her popular topics include: Add ACTS ©  here and FORCES©  to Mine Your Business, processes that Laura and her team from Positive Power Strategies, Inc. have developed over two decades to help individuals grow their power and potential:

Topic #1: The ACTS©

  • The ACTS© Approach for Expanding Potential
  • Assess your personal, professional, team and organizational strengths, talents and opportunities
  • Create Your Personal, Professional, Organizational Clarity and Results
  • Transform Your Personal, Professional, Organizational Performance
  • Sustain Your Personal, Professional, Organizational Success

Topic #2: Focus the Vision

  1. Focus the vision – from development to create a common agenda (team purpose)
  2. Optimize leadership at all levels
  3. Review resources and assets
  4. Creates and supports innovation
  5. Engages internal and external stakeholders
  6. Sustain success by ensuring processes are in place to continually measure and monitor outcomes

“Laura Novakowski fills the room with engaging conversation, contagious energy and authenticity. After leaving a session with Laura, I felt inspired to reach my full potential. Not only does Laura inspire, but she provides her audience with the executable steps to succeed both personally and professionally.” — Michelle R. Lehman, Wilkes University – Kirby Business Scholar – RAE SLEEVES-Founder
Allan P. Kirby Center for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
FBA-Office Assistant
Marketing Major
President – Human Resources Club

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