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Laurie Huston – Intuitive Counselor & Consultant

About Laurie Huston

I am a Professional & Intuitive Counselor and consultant. I incorporate my professional qualifications that include a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and mBit Coach and Trainer, among other certifications, with my Intuitive Counseling and natural Clairsentient and Claircognizant abilities.

And been on my spiritual path for almost 25 years and during that time I have acquired through extensive studies, teachings and sacred texts, over 30 different healing modalities. I have even developed my own clearing and healing techniques.

I have been a Host and Producer of my own Radio shows for over 10 years now, currently my show is News for the Heart and my radio shows are syndicated on many different venues including I also published my first book Realities of Creation last spring, with my chapter on Power of the Heart.

I believe that we create our experiences, either consciously or unconsciously through our thoughts, beliefs, fears & behaviors. If you are in a situation that is less than ideal, it is because you are unconsciously choosing to express fear, pain and/or struggle. When you become more aware of the expressions you are choosing, and use the power of love, joy or compassion, with the power of intent, you will become aware of your outdated belief system, the fears that maintain your current situation and your reactions to situations that recreate your old realities. Once you become aware of your reactions, you can choose different actions, decisions and choices to move you through your unconscious reactions to create a new experience. Desires are a way that your soul radiates to you, what you are to become or achieve in this life. And once you begin to follow your bliss, your life starts on a course of spiritual awakening and development. You are beginning to consciously choose your reality.

Your Imagination is the only limit for a life with infinite possibilities. Sometimes, all it takes is someone to believe in your highest vision, for the vision to manifest in your reality.

Let me hold your vision for you.

2019 Theme is the Year of Claiming Yourself

Laurie Huston Intuitive Counselor3

Before being able to ‘claim’ yourself this year you have to have felt ‘claimed’. I think this was instrumental in examining my life. For most of my life I have not felt ‘claimed’ by my family or felt I belonged. I have always searched for my acceptance and inclusion with a deeper spiritual family. Unfortunately this did not always have a happy ending. I know what it is like to feel abandoned, as it has been my ‘story’ for most of my life. However, I have for many years, recognized it as a ‘story’ – I see things from this perspective even when another part of me knows this isn’t truth. My search for a spiritual family often hurt even more than a family I never really felt a connection to – due to my feelings about being adopted – because I felt like my spiritual community should live from the same code of ethics that I lived by. Unfortunately that was almost never the case – as ego impacts us all – especially those given roles – and I would view any perceived betrayal from my perspective of ‘abandonment’. A lose/lose perceived situation.

I was reminded that my claiming was never from people – maybe my cats – but like most people I feel a deep connection with nature. I remember as a child that whenever I felt a need to find my connection, wellbeing or happiness and when I felt the most open was finding my way to a specific ‘place’ – a sacred place to me was being in nature: walking through a forest, sitting by Georgian Bay or watching the stars. Today I still feel the need to find comfort in residing so close to the Lake and walking along it daily and by searching the skies. I don’t really live anywhere near a forest anymore although there are some lovely big old trees. I do feel claimed by both the water and the night skies (even under the light pollution of Toronto). We need to be reminded that there is something Bigger than ourselves available to us.

“We need to be reminded that there is something Bigger than ourselves available to us – a sense of community and belonging”

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Laurie Huston’s Intuitive Counseling & Consultation Services

Want information about your relationship?
What is blocking you from being in a relationship?
How to attract a life partner/Divine Union?
How to create a Sacred Sexual Relationship or making your relationship a spiritual practice?

intuitive relationship counseling Laurie Huston

We do the most growing spiritually by having our issues mirrored through a relationship. Consider our childhood as an example. Throughout our life we are in many different relationships. An intimate relationship forces us to examine our triggers. Answers are not outside ourselves, but often it is in a relationship where we are forced to see our issues, beliefs, patterns that keep us stuck. It is also the first place we lay blame when things aren’t going right. The only way to truly let go and heal our issues is to go within. Using our intuition through the connection with our inner being and becoming aware of what our relationships are teaching us about ourselves, is how we go within.

As an empath, or clairsentient I can feel your experience, and I can feel when you are holding back.  Add to this, claircognizance allows me to experience the alignment of “knowing” what may be occurring in a session, to assist you to realize how to Master a Path to your Heart. It is through the heart that we can know ourselves and our brilliance.

Contact me to schedule a private consultation and Guidance on your relationship to learn what is blocking you from being in a relationship, how to attract a life partner/Divine Union, and how to create a Sacred Sexual Relationship or making your relationship a spiritual practice.

Schedule A Session!

“I am truly blessed to know Laurie and love her. I am truly blessed to count on her and have her as a definitive part of my life. What started off as a simple client/business connection solidified into something much more profound and important. I consider Laurie a friend above all else and I am eternally grateful for the positivity and growth she has allowed me to tap into where my life is concerned. “ – Karen, Brussels – Intuitive Counseling


Redefine How You Lead Professionally: 

Are you ready to redefine how you lead professionally?

Are you unhappy at work?

Isn’t it time you created the abundance you deserve?

Are you ready to Evolve Your Consciousness?

It’s important to know ourselves personally to lead authentic lives, to lead in our personal relationships. In doing so, we can lead in our professional and business life to achieve our greatest life potential.

When we live life authentically, we can thrive personally, with the ultimate goal to maximize fulfillment and lead in our professional relationships.

I’m passionate about helping professionals, business owners and have created a unique program to help empower your authentic self to maximize your fullest professional potential, to lead through Heart-Centered Consciousness.

Work with me.

You may not even be aware of it, but your professional matrix/energy may be burdened by past business/employment relationships with colleagues, co-workers, bosses and family where you may harbor old grudges and unresolved issues. By attachments to other people, material things, or the distraction of “social media” in your life can deplete your professional energy. An accumulation of negative energies from your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual field) around you and your office environment can become psychically toxic repositories of useless and disruptive energy connections.

A Business Clearing can remove undesirable energy connections between you and other people such as co-workers, employers, colleagues as well as clear up the energy around your business space that can often become stagnant or even filled with the old paradigm energies of fear, greed, anger and frustrations.

A Business Clearing is beneficial to finally severing ties with the negative relationships from your past that continue to draw on your energy today – disrupting your current relationships. As well as clearing old paradigm energies that are still prohibiting our businesses to move into a new age of consciousness that is Heart-Centered and Evolving the Planet instead of destroying it.

Start fresh with a business clearing by scheduling a session to understand and get a sense of where you are to determine what clearing work is necessary. Then a consultation to do the actual clearing work. After the Business Clearing session, an Intuitive Counseling session should be scheduled to explain what was experienced and how to move forward to creating the Best YOU and Business you can offer.

Here’s what you can expect:

Full Business Clearings are structured to assist you in identifying your patterns, beliefs and the people who have contributed to the blockages in your life, as well as determining what state your business is currently in with regards to the energies that surround it. This includes a session, in-person or via phone or Skype to work with you to identify these areas.

Session 1 – Talking to identify:

  •  Your major themes in life
  • The blocks that prohibit you from moving forward
  • Your core issues
  • State of your Business energy

Preparation for 2nd session includes: meditation to ensure we have your major core issues.

Session 2 – Doing the energy work to:

  • Clear heart to access Higher Self and Souls vision
  • Clear and balance the 7 Body Systems
  • Clear layers of the unconscious
  • Release core issues, addictions, foreign energies
  • Balance energy, clear energy, and attachments
  • Clear energies within your business
  • Clearing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy for You and Your Business
  • Clearing the Past, Present and Future of your Genetic Lineage and Spiritual Lineage in all dimensions of reality.

Allow your Being to clear and heal on all levels, and open to your True Self. Awaken consciousness and clear a path towards your highest vision.

Session 3 – Follow-up Session:

  • An Intuitive Soul Counseling session to see how the clearing has impacted your future
  • Suggestions to keep work going
  • How to remain clear

Business Clearings can shift our perspectives from fear based to Heart Centered Empowerment. We release the Matrix of old paradigms to allow us to Create Abundance and BE our Soul’s Essence within Business. There are a lot of negative energies that impact the old paradigm of doing business and these can often interfere with where we want to go.


  • Minimum of 1 clearing per month and
  • Two Intuitive Counseling Sessions to keep you on track and assisting you to Evolve your Consciousness.
  • Special Fee: Three sessions for $360 when you register via email ($450 regularly).
YES, I Want to Register!

“Laurie, you are absolutely amazing. You nailed facts and provided me with great hope and such a feeling of peace – I cannot tell you what you have done for me. I have told my best friends about you with such enthusiasm! You are not only genuine, you are positive and provide the guidance I have been seeking for so many years. I thank the universe for leading me to you and thank you for sharing your incredible gift. You are a blessing, and I am fortunate to now know that I have someone to turn to whenever I ‘need to know.’” – Chris, Simi Valley – Intuitive Counseling


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