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(AYRIALTalkTime) Have you ever consulted with a spiritual medium and gotten accurate messages from your deceased loved one?  You probably have reflected on how those messages provided you with answers to questions and brought you a sense of peace. Did you know that you can also learn how to receive spirit messages from your deceased loved one? You can.  It’s called “Personal Mediumship.”

Psychic medium, Lauren Bortolami-Robbins talks with host Victoria lynn Weston about her upcoming workshop where she will teach individuals about “Personal Mediumship” and how to open themselves up to receive spirit messages from loved ones. In today’s AYRIAL TalkTime episode she shares a few tips along with the types of truth indicators she experiences that confirm she is indeed receiving a spirit message. (31 min)

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Until We Meet Again 4-Week Personal Mediumship Development Class

Thu Apr 4th 6:30pm – Thu 25th 9:00pm
Mansfield, MA – See Tickets 

UWMA-FacebookAdUntil We Meet Again 4 Week Person Mediumship Development Class – Held on Thursday Evenings in April from the 4th through the 25th, 2019 – 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm (10 hours) – Have you been receiving messages from spirit? Do you wish to contact them to see how they are doing? Learn how to raise your vibration, protect yourself, and contact your loved ones in spirit anytime to heal and know you are never alone. The cost is $249.00. Attend in person or online your choice. Buy Tickets

Psychic Medium Lauren Bototlami-Robbins is discusses her new workshop on Personal Mediumship to help the grieving communicate with their loved ones on AYRIAL TalkTime.  @AYRIAL7  

Who is Lauren Bortolami-Robbins?

lauren bortolami robbins psychic medium spiritual teacherLauren is a natural born gifted psychic medium who delivers heartfelt, loving and compassionate messages from deceased family and loved ones.  She has trained in spiritual and holistic modalities and specializes in private angel, psychic medium, and healing sessions, spiritual training, and medium gallery events. She resides in Boston, Massachusetts and offers private sessions in person, telephone and online, as well as hosting group gallery event readings.

Learn more about psychic medium, Lauren Bortolami-Robbins. 

About Victoria lynn Weston, Host of AYRIAL TalkTime

Victoria lynn Weston has worked as a professional intuitive consultant for over 15 years. She has created smartphone apps and voice-activated, data-driven content for Amazon Echo devices – Alexa Skill for AYRIAL feng shui, AYRIAL NewsFlash.  In addition, she is a producer/director of PBS documentaries including America’s Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull.  Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Victoria has been a featured guest on dozens of radio, television shows and print media including; the Atlanta PARADE magazine, The Atlanta Business Journal, ABC Nightline, ABC Talk Radio; CNBC; BUSINESS WEEK Online; INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE, WIRED NEWS and THE NEW YORK TIMES. Victoria is also the President and Founder of and

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