AYRIAL Proudly Welcomes Gerry Phoenix: NLP Life Coach and Acupuncturist – Health Coach

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(MediaQuire) Atlanta, GA – AYRIAL, the world’s leading body, mind & spirit association of exceptional lifestyle consultants proudly welcomes Gerry Phoenix, certified NLP Life Coach and Licensed Acupuncturist – Health Coach to its prestigious association.

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Gerry is a native Irish living in Stockholm, Sweden who owns a Life Coaching & Acupuncture Clinic. He has over 15 years of Experience in Holistic Therapy & Coaching.

“AYRIAL is an innovative platform that features my services using the web and technology to reach a wide audience, it also provides a great service for clients by creating a wealth of resources for every aspect in one’s life!”, Gerry Phoenix said.

Gerry works with clients from around the globe offering;  one-one sessions,  group sessions and online Coaching sessions. He has worked with individuals, professionals, corporate CEOs, Actors/Directors/Producers and Artists/Musicians as well as International Sports Stars.

“Gerry is a dynamic, passionate and empathetic NLP Life Coach, Acupunture Professional and Health Coach who has  vast experience working directly with professionals and individuals to transform their lives,” says Victoria lynn Weston, President and Founder of AYRIAL.  “Gerry is focused on helping his clients create a blueprint for immediate professional and spiritual growth.”

Gerry believes that Set & Setting is vital for clients to feel completely comfortable, equally important is their commitment, willingness, accountability and honesty – the Action of the Solutions, Consistency & Total Responsibility to Empower one’s Life!  Gerry holds the sacred space for clients so they can embrace the fears, limiting beliefs and most importantly, the sacred truth of the individual of Who they really are inwardly! He combines the methods of Life Coaching NLP Sharp Observation & his Laser Sharp Intuition to vacillate Radical Transformational Change within the Individual!

AYRIAL presents an impressive range of professional experts from a diverse industry including feng shui practitioners, medical intuitives, astrologers, meditation teachers, dream experts and wellness advisers  who offer support and professional advice to enhance the lifestyles of individuals looking to improve their well-being personally, professionally and spiritually.  AYRIAL lifestyle consultants work independently and by appointment.

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Meet Gerry Phoenix

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He’s an Irishman living in Sweden.  He frequently gets mistaken for George Michael. Who’s AYRIAL’s newest member? #IrishLifeCoach #NLPCoach  @1030Gphoenix @AYRIAL7  

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