AYRIAL Welcomes Personal Development Coach & Psych-K® Facilitator, Linda Minnick

AYRIAL-FB-2(MediaQuire) Atlanta, GA – AYRIAL, a prestigious body, mind & spirit association that features exceptional lifestyle consultants welcomed Linda Minnick, a Personal Development Coach & Psych-K® facilitator.

The AYRIAL Association features vetted lifestyle consultants such as, feng shui experts, personal development consultants, spiritual mediums, intuitive consultants. AYRIAL’s mission is to two-fold; to make it convenient for individuals to find a professional consultant and for lifestyle consultants to participate on an innovative platform to gain recognition online and via Amazon Alexa’s innovative technology; AYRIAL’s “Positive Living” Skill. The AYRIAL “Positive Living” Alexa Skill is a voice platform custom designed to interact, engage and inspire individuals with daily audio recorded tips, Alexa presented answers to users’ questions and more.

“2022 will be a year of change for a great many people. Joining AYRIAL gives me the opportunity to be of service to an expanded audience who are looking for assistance in navigating a new way of thinking and living. It is an honor to be part of this distinguished community.“

Linda Minnick is a certified life coach, PSYCH-K® Health & Wellness facilitator, motivational speaker, author, certified sales trainer and entrepreneur. She has been involved in coaching and training for over 30 years and has presented training programs on national stages across the country.

Linda received her certification from the Life Mastery Institute where she was a personal mentee of Mary Morrissey, Bob Proctor, Gay Hendricks and Peggy McColl. She is a student of Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Bruce Lipton and many others. As a true believer and practitioner of transformational thinking, Linda presents the power of creating your own life in various fashions to individuals and groups across the country.

As the President of the AYRIAL Association, Victoria lynn Weston says, “Linda Minnick is an expert facilitator of Psych-K®, but equally important, she is an amazing human being who is truly dedicated to helping the personal growth of individuals. Linda’s thought leadership will contribute to the AYRIAL journey, and we are delighted to welcome her.”

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Linda Minnick

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