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AYRIAL Today: Getting Personal with Feng Shui; Living Energy, iHeart Radio.

Hi, I’m Victoria and here’s your daily roundup of body, mind and spirit happenings.

“You can create anything with feng shui!” says Sybilla Lenz. Sybilla has been a professional feng shui consultant for over ten years.  She’s the first to admit, when she first implemented the principles of feng shui, she tripled her income!  Listen to my conversation with Sybilla on AYRIAL TalkTime – in addition to sharing her personal experiences with feng shui, she also provides tips so you, can “create anything you want!”


Living energy is the yin to technology’s yang. Feng Shui Consultant, Amanda Gibby Peters says, “Our interior worlds often consist of hard edges and straight lines. Mama nature has all the right curves – she’s supple with flowy lines, textured surfaces, and asymmetrical angles. To soften our man-made interpretations of the environment, incorporate plants, swirling prints, natural elements, and colors to bring balance into your surroundings. Because when your space feels vital, so will you!” Connect with Amanda and Sybilla on under featured members and under Chinese Metaphysics.

iHeart Radio

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