Let Me Introduce Myself. 

Laura Novakowski AYRIAL Member

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I’m Laura Novakowski, so glad we’ve connected!

I am the Founder of Positive Power Strategies, Inc and Co-Founder of Power Up Your Vibration.  I would available to work with you to;  Assess your personal, professional, strengths, talents and opportunities.  My programs include: First Step to Great Leadership – Creating a Compelling Vision.

About Laura Novakowski

Laura Novakowski, RN, MBA is an explorer and expander of personal, professional, community and organizational potential. A Change and Implementation Facilitator. A former senior healthcare executive, Laura focuses on culture change and alignment at all levels of an organization. Laura’s experience includes working with communities, large healthcare systems, Fortune 500 Companies, and government agencies (e.g. Department of Defense, US Marine Corps, US Navy, and US Air Force).

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[ Call or Text579-239-4920 ]

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