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(AYRIAL) In keeping with Huff Post’s campaign #Love Takes Action, one of the most important actions for us all is taking care of ourselves through stressful times. Whatever is occurring in your personal life the current backdrop, social vibe or psychic climate (choose your expression) is confusion, uncertainty, and what I call the Fear Wave. Self-care is the most important action for individuals to implement in the midst of fractious times. Surprisingly, as a person focuses and centers him or herself, this concentration rubs off on friends, family and colleagues; everybody benefits.

The February eclipses have come and gone and we are heading towards the Spring Equinox which occurs March 20 at 6:29 am. The Sun moves from the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces, to the first sign, Aries, and we begin the astrological year. Spring is the time for renewal and casting off the more insular feelings of the winter months; like the daffodils and forsythia we can bloom. Astrology gives us some good insights.

ARIES: Needs assertive, even aggressive, exercise to channel and balance active yang energy. Get a dart board.

TAURUS: Needs to rest and digest in comfortable surroundings and with easy people. Stock your cupboards.

GEMINI: Needs any rhythmic breathing practice to protect the nervous system and tame a racing mind. Deeply exhaling will always bring a beautiful inhale.

CANCER: Needs snuggling up at home, solo or à deux with a comforter. Plan to stay in for a day sometimes.

LEO: Needs to be entertained with drama/comedy, bright colors and gold jewelry to enliven your energy. Shopping is therapeutic…even reading catalogues on the sofa.

VIRGO: Needs the scents of essential oils, massage, and dispensation from worry. You are allowed 1 worry day a week.

LIBRA: Needs easy and comfortable socializing in a calm atmosphere. If you can’t make a decision, don’t.

SCORPIO: Needs to focus on whatever mental, physical, or spiritual practice that engages you. If it is sexual then you get a twofer: relaxation and intensity.

SAGITTARIUS: Needs speed and motion: Go for a bike ride, horseback riding or stride out for a walk.

CAPRICORN: Needs permission to loaf and shrug off responsibility. Put off saving the world for a day.

AQUARIUS: Needs to go your own way, confident that your eccentric rhythm will preserve energy and health. If friends come along so much the better.

PISCES: Needs to retreat with music, a film, or as much time as possible at a spa. Of all the signs Pisces requires downtime the most.

Each sign has the ability to soothe him or herself. Finding what works for you and practicing it brings greater confidence that you can keep your center and thrive whatever the surrounding tensions may be.

Enjoy the Spring.

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