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AYRIAL has tested this member and recommends their services.Marc Lainhart: Spiritual Medium, The Intuitive Prospector™ 

A new day! A new opportunity! A day we have not seen before to use our intuition to prospect this wonderful world around us!”The Intuitive Prospector™

About Marc Lainhart

Minister Marc Lainhart is an award-winning Psychic-Medium, Intuitive, Published Author, and Best American Psychics 2020 Psychic of the Year. Based in Seattle, Washington, Marc’s work as a writer, teacher, radio show host, inspirational thought leader, hiking guide, and certified healthcare provider is using his profound and tested perception to “Prospect” this mysterious, mystical, and magical world around us through several profound and monumental “Soul Adventures!” Marc is passionate about connecting, educating, guiding, helping, healing, inspiring, and teaching others from years of personal experiences and growth through loss, grief, trauma, death, and dying. While promoting balance, healing, peace, transformation, inspiration, and guidance to live again, explore and live life more fully, and assist those wanting to discover and reveal that beautiful and brilliant diamond within and the many hidden gems around us!


Based in Seattle, Washington, Minister Marc Lainhart is a multiple award-winning British trained Psychic and Spiritual Medium and Best American Psychics 2020 Psychic of the Year. Marc’s work as a Radio Show Host, Hiking Guide, Metaphysical Teacher, Inspirational Thought Leader, Certified Healthcare Provider, and Writer striving to share, help, inspire, guide, educate, teach, and transform others in connecting to spirit, self, and this wonderful world around us!

With his own Near-Death Experiences (NDEs), Out of Body Experiences (OBEs), and several personal tragedies along the way, Marc has spent the last two decades deciphering and demystifying the sensational subject matter of death and dying and now endeavors to help others from around the world tap into and flex their intuitive muscles and abilities with a deeper intelligence, understanding, and awareness of “After Death Communications – ADCs” and interactions with the world of spirit, the mystical, our universe and what is unseen by physical human eyes.

“Dare to Dream! Dare to Explore! Dare to LIVE and Discover the Diamond Within!” 💎-The Intuitive Prospector™

The Intuitive Prospector™ spiritual practice based out of Seattle, Washington was created to help and serve others promote an awesome lifestyle for many “Spiritual Prospectors” looking for their own personal “Spiritual Gold,” and to live, learn, and love each day through many “Soul Adventures.” Through intense biofeedback sessions, past life regression therapy, weekly grievance counseling, advanced spiritual-medium training, graduate-level education, and personal mentoring with some of the best in their respected fields, it became very clear of what Marc’s life path is supposed to be. Marc’s focus, energy, direction, and goals ever since those dark days of death and dying has been to change this appearance in society that it is “ok, natural, and even cool,” to be sensitive to your surroundings, spirit, what is unseen, and embrace your abilities as you would your other five senses.

“Explore the Unknown! See the Unseen As We Are Somewhere in Between!”
-The Intuitive Prospector™

Marc accomplishes this passion and love by working for spirit daily through profound meditations, Qigong exercises, private readings, online workshops and classes, personal mentoring, and his private weekly group “Spiritual Development Group (SDG),” along with fun and inspiring shows over on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, local-spiritual hikes, inspirational writings, and many personal transformational sessions throughout the year. Marc is looking forward to “Spiritually Prospecting” directly with you so that together you can explore and discover your own “Spiritual Gold!”

“Once a Student of Extreme Loss, Trauma and Tragedy. Now a Teacher of Hope, Healing and Transformations!” -Marc Lainhart


  • University of Washington – Sports Medicine & Human Performance
  • University of Phoenix – Bachelors’ of Science in Business Management
  • Certified Healthcare Provider (HCP) & Instructor – American Heart Association
  • Business Owner – CPR Services Northwest™ in Seattle, Washington –
  • Stanford University Online – Course Certificate -Writing In The Sciences
  • Credentials of Ministry & Ordained Minister – Universal Life Church
  • University of Washington – Sports Medicine & Human Performance
  • University of Phoenix – Bachelors’ of Science in Business Management
  • Certified Healthcare Provider (HCP) & BLS Instructor – American Heart Association
  • Business Owner – CPR Services Northwest™ in Seattle, Washington –
  • The Spiritualists’ National Union – SNU, United Kingdom – Full Voting Member
  • SNU – Accreditation Level Course TPS1 – Teachings & Practice of Spiritualism
  • MindValley Academy – Qigong Practitioner

Marc provides private and confidential Psychic Readings and Spiritual Healings by appointment.

“Thank you again for bringing important aha’s to my life right now. Diamonds have been found and I have such clarity. New creative ideas are flowing. This work is quite amazing, and I look forward to another reading with you.”  -Linda Christensen

“The reading was so accurate. I was able to verify a lot of things and learned lots of new stuff. Marc is the real deal and I am excited to schedule more reading with him. I loved every minute of it.” –LaDonna Jerred

“I met Marc when he sponsored Medium, Paul Jacobs at a 2023 workshop in Seattle. At that point I had done many different psychic development classes and other metaphysical workshops but had not gained the confidence to use what I had learned. Working with Marc has not just given me assurance that what I am sensing from the spirit world is true, but also confidence to share or speak out. He channeled my father in a reading, given me confidence to share, and taught me to search my soul and grow.” -Leslie A Quintus

Fun Facts

I LOVE a good SOUL adventure! And, I wanted to share a few things about me…  

  • Certified Scuba Diver seeing my first underwater “alien” in 2016 (Octopus has no DNA compatible or comparable to anything on earth).
  • Current Certified Healthcare Provider and Basic Life Support Instructor having personally saved the lives of 3 people through the use of public CPR, First Aid and the AED, including my first trip to Italy.
  • While serving in the U.S. Coast Guard, I helped seized and personally handled over a ton of uncut cocaine (77 bails) trying to enter the United States through the Florida Keys with a “street” value of $420 million dollars!
  •  #1Star Wars fan (nerd/geek) with the ability to quote in detail from all the movies!
  • In my many travels or what I have coined “Soul Adventures” I have visited 45 of the 50 states, study abroad in London, England every year, and traveled to over 15 different countries around the world… and counting!
  • I have personally come face to face with a 200 pound mountain lion in the wild and lived to tell about it!

The Intuitive Prospector™ – Consultations

Scheduling Your Session:

Marc created The Intuitive Prospector™ to help and serve others to achieve an awesome lifestyle for many “Spiritual Prospectors” looking for their own personal “Spiritual Gold,” and to live, learn, and love each day through many “Soul Adventures.”

Marc is looking forward to “Spiritually Prospecting” directly with you so that together you can explore and discover your own “Spiritual Gold!”

Questions?  Email Marc!

Schedule A Numerology Session:

Numerology can be included as part of the reading as a “spiritual tool” for additional information or clients may opt for a specific Numerology reading. This type of reading uses a client’s date of birth to determine one’s spiritual life path and life lessons.

Marc provides private and confidential Psychic & Mediumship Readings along with Spiritual Healings by appointment.

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Scheduling A Sound Healing Session:

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“My email reading with Marc was so fascinating, informative and precise. Using a variety of prospecting ‘tools’ and an abundance of intuitive skills, (clairvoyance and clairsentience, etc), Marc read me so well! The advice, wisdom and details he shared really resonated, leaving me with much to consider. And the icing on the cake was when he relayed images and information from my late father, like the eagle he said Dad would send when he was around. Before he passed, my father was working on illustrating a children’s book I wrote about an eagle that rescued a dove, bringing her spirit back alive. Marc is the real deal, and his readings truly soothe the soul!”
Cheri Farnsworth

The Intuitive Prospector™ YouTube Channel

Marc Lainhart hosts a variety of YouTube programs for inspiration, meditation, and thought-provoking conversation. Marc has been hosting this show for over two years and has more than 100 videos! Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube Channel!

You’ll also enjoy Inspired Living with Marc Lainhart from iOM Media Networks.

“There is so many amazing things I could say about Marc, as I have been following him for 7 yrs. I will just talk about my reading. First of all, there is NO WAY Marc could have known anything he told me, none. Before my reading I thought hard of whom I wanted to come through. And it was the 1st person that came through, this person answered a question about our relationship that had been on my mind 14 yrs. Again, Marc would have no way of knowing any of this. He is the real deal. He is professional, but extremely empathic. I can not say enough good about him. Through following his words of wisdom on his regular fb lives, I have learned how to heal. I have never given Marc any information about me through following him, I have big trust issues and I wanted a full reading from him, so I kept myself private. So again, he is the REAL deal. This reading was incredibly healing for me, and answered so many questions that I was left with when these people passed. “– 

Kris Howard


Marc hosts Metaphysical Meetup with Marc is a LIVE show Monday through Fridays for daily empowerment, inspirations, meditations, messages and thought-provoking conversation to help us “Discover the Diamond Within.” Marc has been hosting this live show for over four seasons with more than 400+ videos produced!

Marc’s YouTube Channel

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💎 OM Times Magazine Contributing Writer

💎 OM Times Internet Radio Show – Host of INSPIRED LIVING RADIO every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month

💎 American Heart Association – Certified Healthcare Provider & Instructor

💎 Shay Parker’s – Best American Psychics

💎 Bob Olson’s – Best Psychic Directory

💎 Westside Seattle Featured Writer – Marc’s View

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💎Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU) – Member, United Kingdom

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