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AYRIAL Today: Learn How to Activate Your Love Energy; Should you consult a psychic; Women’s History

Hi, I’m Victoria and here’s your daily roundup of body, mind and spirit happenings.

Believe it or not love is in the air but not in any space of air. During the year of the dog 2018 love is primarily in the south so if you want to increase your chances of finding love or you want to improve your personal relations go to the south sector of your living space, occupy the sector, open the windows and use the door(s) located there. Learn how to activate the love area of your home in this article by Chinese Astrologer, Feng Shui Consultant, Viviana Estrada.

Business Psychic Sheds Light on the Benefits of Consulting a Psychic
n the days of Imperial Rome, the Senate once required that no law could be passed until the official oracles had been consulted. Great minds have expressed strong interest in psychic practices, among them Francis Bacon, Issac Newton, Henry Ford, Albert Einstein and Carl Jung. Today’s psychics have come along way.

Millions of dollars are spent annually in search of accurate psychic and intuitive insight. And, business psychic Victoria lynn Weston wants people to know the benefits of consulting a reputable psychic.

“ESP (extra sensory perception is the umbrella term for clairvoyance, precognition, mental telepathy and intuition. Psychics typically use two or three skills simultaneously,” says Weston.

1. Business Insight: Kentucky Fried Chicken Tycoon, Colonel Sanders routinely invited a psychic to his Board meetings to offer insights. Have you recently launched a new business and want insight about marketing ideas? Or, you have a business proposal ready to present to your banker in hopes of being approved for a business loan. Or do you need guidance on hiring the right employee for a specific position; what are their strengths and weaknesses?
2. Career: You like your job, but you want to work with a company that has opportunities for you to grow. Or perhaps you want to work with a company that will appreciate your creative input, or you are simply seeking a better paying job with quality benefits. Maybe you are unemployed and want guidance on where to find a job. Read the article!

Women’s History
It was 1872 when Victoria Woodhull became first woman Presidential candidate for the Equal Rights Party! Woodhull started her career in her father’s traveling medicine show as a clairvoyant. She would eventually consult with Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt. Check out the new “America’s Victoria” Alexa Skill that features a fact of the day and you can questions about Woodhull’s life; how many marriages did she have? What year did she address the House Judiciary Committee. Why was she arrested on Election Day? And, much more. Enable America’s Victoria.

In 1972 Katherine Graham of the Washington Post becomes first woman CEO of a Fortune 500 Company. Women are naturally intuitive and I believe Katherine used her intuition in business decisions.

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