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AYRIAL, the leading online body, mind and spirit community presents an AYRIAL Exclusive Offer for you to participate in 15-minute meditation sessions with Margaret Harrell.

Meditation provides many benefits including; stress reduction, concentration, self-awareness, and some believe meditation slows the aging process.  Never before has there been the opportunity to have your own meditation teacher via telephone or SKYPE to work with you one-on-one for 15-minutes.

Margaret Harrell also teaches light body meditation studies in the DaBen and Orin school of LuminEssence, which explore the dynamics and potential of ourselves in various translations of our energy. She is a graduate of Duke University, Columbia University and studied at the C. G. Jung Institute Zurich. Follow AYRIAL

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About Margaret Harrell

Margaret A. Harrell is a three-time fellow of MacDowell Colony who graduated from Duke University (honors and distinction in history) and Columbia University (contemporary English and American literature). She has studied at the C. G. Jung Institute Zurich and been trained in numerous types of energy work. She lived abroad in North Africa and Europe for lengthy periods, returning to the U.S. to Raleigh, North Carolina, in 2001.

A free-lance editor, she was Hunter Thompson’s copy editor for Hell’s Angels. She teaches light body meditation studies in the DaBen and Orin school of LuminEssence, which explore the dynamics and potential of ourselves in various translations of our energy. She is also a cloud photographer.

Margaret has most recently been authoring the memoir series: Keep This Quiet!: My Relationship with Hunter S. Thompson, Milton Klonsky, and Jan Mensaert; Keep THIS Quiet Too!: More Adventures with Hunter S. Thompson, Milton Klonsky, Jan Mensaert; and Keep This Quiet! III: Initiations, available on Amazon.

AYRAL Exclusive Offer: Schedule 15-Minute Meditation by Telephone or Skype for $55

We do this procedure in a brief introductory session. First, there’s a 5-minute setup, where I make sure you understand what to do. Then for 5 to 15 minutes you sit quietly while I hold space. Then, optionally, if you have the time, we talk about what happened for a few minutes.

But for another person I might guide him or her through some of the most simple ways to meditate – i.e. lightly talk them through it at the same time that they tried to follow what I said. I would be using the “hold space” technique to some extent, and we would be sitting quietly but not in silence. The idea of silence might frighten some people, who want a little voice guidance at first, but in a meditative frequency.

The thing about meditating is you are emptying your mind (but it can be in a guided meditation or with a focus on something) and you are “tricking” the left hemisphere of the brain into relaxing. Sometimes, though, the left brain is quite OK with giving way to the meditative state, but for most people that’s the big hurdle. So, whether in a guided meditation – which could be an option – or in silence, you are shifting from the “business”/computer focus (beta brain state) to a brain state that is called “meditative.” There’s an actual, measureable shift, and that makes meditation effective, scientifically so as well as experientially.

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In the Rhine Center in Durham, they research “chi” and they have found it to change – increase dramatically – in certain circumstances, such as with healers. We all want a lot of chi.

What happens during the actual meditation?

For one person it will be basically sitting quietly to “empty the mind”; there can be tremendous benefits in this. However, in a recent research study, the subjects would do almost anything to avoid sitting in silence. On the other hand, in a setting such as the AYRIAL meditation with another person, that problem disappears.

As opposed to “sitting quietly,” you may respond more to a lightly guided meditation focused on relaxing.

Or if you’re bogged down by a problem, we can bring a meditative skill to it—again, after you empty your mind of brain chatter. One principle of how the mind operates is that if you clutch at a problem, your brain begins to go over it, round and round, in loops. So, often you have to “let it go,” in order to solve it. Also, you are releasing stress, replacing it with a natural flow, which benefits you in every way, including physically and emotionally—at the office, at home, and in your inner relationship to yourself as well.

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What Margaret Clients Are Saying:

“Margaret is such a delicate yet strong individual who gently guides into that meditative “resting space” with ease. You can’t help but walk away confident you can meditate on your own.  Daily meditation for me, got me more focused, centered and energized.”  – Katie L., Atlanta

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