Meditation Teachers – Yoga Instructors – DreamWork Consulting

AYRIAL consultants are exceptional and provide thoughtful, confidential sessions. Most work by appointment.  Please click image to view full profile of each consultant. 

Donna Davidge
Donna DavidgeYoga Intructor- Wellness Consultant
Donna practices Kundalini Yoga as a powerful tool for healing and personal growth. She is certified by 3HO and Yoga Alliance.
David Low, Ph.D.
David Low, Ph.D.Dream Consultant - Spiritual Counselor
David is an author and academic with advanced degrees in religion and counseling. He’s worked as an adjunct professor, substance abuse counselor, and is a dream consultant, meditation teacher and does spiritually-related counseling.
Margaret Harrell
Margaret Harrell Meditation - Spiritual Counselor
Margaret teaches light body meditation studies in the DaBen and Orin school of LuminEssence, which explore the dynamics and potential of ourselves in various translations of our energy. She is a graduate of Duke University, Columbia University and studied at the C. G. Jung Institute Zurich.
Isa Styles
Isa StylesMind-Body Trainer - Intuitive Consultant
Isa is an adviser for personal, business growth and mind-body training. She also empowers clients to strengthen their intuition. Certified Sophrologist, Reiki Master and NLP Practitioner.