AYRIAL Membership

AYRIAL is an exceptional group of psychic and lifestyle professionals.  We’re not an online directory where you pay for a listing. We are a new kind, “body, mind & spirit” community that features exceptional lifestyle consultants including; psychic-intuitive consultants, astrologers, mediums, feng shui consultants,  life coaches.  AYRIAL lives on the website but ultimately will thrive via the AYRIAL App.  Today, more and more people get their information from their smartphone rather than their PC.

Once you become a member, you are encouraged to let us know of any promotions, events including revisions to your AYRIAL page.  We also ready to help you brainstorm with you about promotional ideas and “newsy” press releases to distribute. Marketing is about repetition and fresh content.

In addition to other member benefits, we will provide you with:

  • AYRIAL Elite members are promoted as a group and individually.  We will customized your AYRIAL profile page, include links to buy your books,  promote your services, include your website and socially media links.
  • We will feature you and your work on our social media outlets and sister sites MediaQuire and VenusMuse.
  • We will assist in writing, editing, publishing and distributing newsworthy press releases. Press Releases encoded with your specific keywords will help drive traffic to you and your website. PR helps to rank higher in search engines. We will distribute your press release(s) via the internet, lifestyle blogs and our social media outlets.
  • We work with a third party source and pay to have our exclusive content for AYRIAL distributed to be seen on business, news and entertainment websites.  This is another method that we “cross promote” AYRIAL members as well.
  • We will help you promote your approved articles and special events by publishing and distributing press release, articles or blog posts.
  • Throughout the year, you can reach out to us with new ideas to promote you and your services including, a Q/A style interview to highlight new offers you might have.  This along with other press releases, articles becomes part of your  MediaKit featured on your AYRIAL profile page.
  • AYRIAL TalkTime host,  Victoria will interview our members to further engage AYRIAL viewers, potential clients.  AYRIAL TalkTime interviews are available on the website, AYRIAL App,  iTunes and Stitcher.
  • You will receive member discounts  on your personal website design and additional marketing materials such as your unique branded “landing page” to feature an article and to build your email subscriber list.
  • Do you have a book that is already written or one in the works?  AYRIAL will offer member discounts on “digital publishing” – yes, we work with third party vendors who can design your book and publish utilizing the latest technology tools and resources and publish to iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

AYRIAL Promotional Campaign: “Get a Referral”:

AYRIAL recently set up a promotional campaign: Get a Referral.  We initially ran this campaign on social media and were pleased with the interest of individuals seeking to be connected to their preferred lifestyle consultant.  We’ve since expanded this campaign to the web for YAHOO, GOOGLE.  We specifically target business owners, executives and primarily women 30-55 years of age.

We believe the unique “referral program” is beneficial for the AYRIAL member and the individual, who is often overwhelmed with search engine results or online directories where the user has to spend hours sifting through profile pages. People are eager to explore and connect with professionals to help them live a healthier, happier, more successful life.

We utilize the latest technology  —

We have launched the first version of our interactive AYRIAL App for smartphones.  This new APP will be free for users to download.  Users, your potential new clients will have immediate access to you and your services with the convenient “click to call” to schedule a session with you.

We are currently offering a promotion sign up member fee of $150.  And a monthly recurring fee of $50 monthly. The fees cover set up, your personal Ayrial page with links to your website.  Every month we will work with you individually to promote you via press releases, AYRIAL TalkTime, Facebook Member Q/A’s  to continue to drive traffic and new users to our community and our consultants.

Joining AYRIAL during this introductory membership offer means you will be part of AYRIAL’s “Founding Members” and your monthly member fee will be grandfathered in so you will never have an increase in monthly fees.



Click to make your one time set-up fee of $150 via  an online payment via secure server.