Mercury Retrograde Taurus Aries: Reevaluate Values and Reassess your Passions

Ainslie Faust

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Ainslie Faust, MA, PhD. is an intuitive, Jungian-based astrologer with over twenty years experience in astrological counseling.   Follow Ainslie

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Mercury Retrograde Taurus Aries

Mercury Retrograde Taurus Aries begins today at 4:14 PM PT. The phenomenon of Mercury Retrograde occurs when the planet appears to stand still in the sky and then slowly begins to move backwards, picking up speed as it goes. The slower the apparent motion, the more powerful the influence. Thus the day Mercury turns retrograde and the day it turns direct (May 3) are usually the most dramatic. The backward motion is an illusion, based on the geocentric theory of the solar system, when scientists thought that the planets revolved around the Earth instead of the Earth revolving around the Sun. Mercury Retrograde Taurus/Aries occurs at 4:51° Taurus so if you have fixed angles or personal planets (Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, Aquarius), then you may feel this more than others. (If you want to find out more about your chart, then you can schedule a reading with me.) Mercury Retrograde in Taurus asks us to think about what we really value in concrete terms, not just what we say, but what we do, not what is expedient, but what is in alignment with our integrity.

On April 20th, Mercury will move back into Aries, turning direct on May 3rd at 24:16 ° Aries. Once Mercury moves back into this fiery sign miscommunications and mistakes will stem more from rashness and exaggeration then from what we value and possess. Think before you speak or write with Mercury Retrograde in Aries.  Mercury Retrograde in Aries asks us to express our unique powers of observation and criticism, just use them on yourself, in introspection, instead of inflicting them on those around you. It is a good idea to delay shopping, especially for anything with moving parts, until May 21st when the shadow ends. Also check all communications and documents for errors, watch out for lost mail, and travel snafus as well. Look for friends and objects from the past to resurface, and be very careful when driving as it is notorious for fender benders.

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Ainslie Faust is an intuitive, Jungian-based astrologer.  Ainslie holds an MA in counseling Psychology and a PhD in Philosophy and Religion with a concentration on symbol systems and Jungian Psychology. With over twenty-five years experience in astrological counseling, Ainslie brings a unique, artistic perspective, to her workshops and readings.  Follow Ainslie

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