AYRIAL’s 4th Annual 5 Most Influential People to Watch in 2020

Victoria lynn Weston, President and Founder of AYRIAL, has announced its 4th Annual “5 of the most influential people” to watch who are artistically, intuitively intelligent lifestyle consultants and life coaches who have a vision to lead and inspire.  

From left to right:

Amanda Gibby Peters | “She’s the Martha Stewart of Feng Shui and will engage you with life changing Feng Shui tips in her new book: Simple Shui for Every Day: 365 Ways to Feng Shui Your Life!  Amanda Gibby Peters is the Founder of Simple Shui, through her writings and consultations, she helps readers and clients simplify their spaces. Because that is where the practical magic to a gorgeous life awaits. You can catch Amanda’s practical Simple Shui tips on Amazon Alexa via the AYRIAL ‘Positive Living’ Alexa Skill!

Guy Isabel | “He’s a French spiritual medium with a corporate background.  Guy Isabel is a passionate man who understands that communicating with those on the other side requires deep sensitivity.  Guy Isabel also teaches individuals how to communicate with their deceased loved ones as he believes they are the perfect conduit to receive messages from loved ones. He is one of the few people skilled with psychography, automatic handwriting.”

Lani Reagan | “She’s on a mission to heal you! Experience the accelerated healing benefits of a pranic energy healing session with Lani Reagan, certified intuitive life coach and energy healing practitioner, to help reduce and eliminate physical, mental and emotional pain and suffering. Feeling blocked?  Connect with Lani and she’ll guide to sit quietly as she removes congested energy from your energetic anatomy with her hands. You will notice a quieting of the mind that allows you to feel still within. Many of her clients report even greater improvement in the day and weeks afterwards.  Lani also presents healing tips exclusively on the AYRIAL ‘Positive Living’ Alexa Skill“”

Sharon Wunder | “Her angelic voice will nudge you to listen but  her gentle command will motivate you to change your life now!  Sharon Wunder is the genius behind the Conspire Design Method™.  Using Feng Shui design priniciples, Sharon Wunder works with you to create a blueprint in your environment that will extinguish patterns of negative mind chatter for exquisite positive living.  She offers consultations as a Holistic Life Coach using Life Mapping. Connect Sharon Wunder online and get inspired with her unique Feng Shui tips on Amazon Alexa via the AYRIAL ‘Positive Living’ Alexa Skill

April Kirkwood, LPC | “Her approach to helping individuals with their love and relationship challenges is unabashedly frank and refreshing!  April Kirkwood, LPC has masters degrees in both school and community mental health counseling. Her passion, expertise and breadth of knowledge will be invaluable to individuals seeking her guidance. You can hear April’s love, romance and dating tips exclusively on the AYRIAL ‘Positive Living’ Alexa Skill.”

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About Victoria lynn Weston

Victoria lynn Weston is a business intuitive, entrepreneur and producer of  the PBS featured documentary, America’s Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull featuring Gloria Steinem.  She has been interviewed by dozens of media outlets including; Atlanta Journal & Constitution, Atlanta PARADE magazine, The Atlanta Business Journal, CNBC, ABC Talk Radio and ABC’s Nightline.

She has developed four Alexa Skills including AYRIAL Positive Living Daily Tips,  AYRIAL Feng Shui, and America’s Victoria.  You can enable for free on Amazon.com.  Inspired by both the need and advancements of voice techology, she launched StudioCarlton to help professionals develop their own Alexa hands free communication for Amazon Echo devices.


Founded in 2015, AYRIAL is a technology-driven “body, mind & spirit” lifestyle association and platform with its office based in Atlanta, GA.  AYRIAL allows users who seek exceptional intuitive consultants, authentic spiritual mediums, feng shui consultants, astrologers, health coaches and life coaches to easily connect with them and to keep them engaged with exclusive content.  AYRIAL.com  and AYRIAL Alexa Skills: voice-activated and hands-free!