Must Hear Audio: Levitation. Out of Body Experiences. Near Death Experiences. Learn about The Man Who Could Fly

(MediaQuire) Author & Researcher Michael Grosso talks with Victoria about the famous mystic, St. Joseph of Copertino; The Man Who Could Fly.  Michael Grosso says, “St. Joseph of Copertino was known as a great mystic with an array of supernormal power. “

Michael Grosso, Ph.D, is an independent scholar, associated with an ongoing Seminar at Esalen on the role of mind in the cosmos. His latest book focuses on psychic anomalies that challenge reductive materialism. The emphasis is on waking up to the full girth of our potential. Michael Grosso,Ph.D., has taught humanities and philosophy at Marymount Manhattan College, City University of New York, and New Jersey City University. He is on the Board of Directors of the American Philosophical Practitioner’s Association, and is a past editor of the journal for that association.

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