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Today, AYRIAL announced it’s featured the Best of psychic-intuitives, astrologers, spiritual mediums from around the globe. The goal? To introduce you to AYRIAL’s exceptional lifestyle consultants for personal and professional growth.  We are proud to announce our five selected the Best. Meet them and get to know them here.

Colleen Vanderzyden

Spiritual Medium – Spiritual Life Coach

Lily Dale, New York
Twitter: @CVanderzyden


Colleen Vanderzyden is a Spiritual Life Coach and Psychic Medium who specializes in personal growth, self-discovery, and empowerment.

Colleen’s passion is to help people live an inspired, empowered and fulfilling life. In 2000 she channeled a message that changed her life. Within that message was the phrase, “Be who you are, for who you are is blessed.” This phrase helped her recognize she didn’t know who she was. With this awareness came a new path of self-discovery, and in the process, a realization that her life purpose was to help others be their best selves.

Colleen is a registered medium with the Lily Dale Assembly and is certified with the Arthur Ford International Academy of Mediumship.

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Rose Hart

Spiritual Medium & Medical Intuitive

Los Angeles, Calfornia
Twitter: @visionsbyrose

Rose Hart - Clairvoyant, Spiritual Medium

Rose is a spiritual medium who inherited her grandmother’s psychic gift; and she passionate to share her abilities with those seeking help.  If you find yourself at a crossroads in life, perhaps it’s a sign to change your spiritual perspective or to get a personal fresh perspective. Consult with Rose Hart who is considered to be one of the best spiritual mediums from Newport Beach, California. She offers confidential consultations to help your personal growth and spiritual development.

A professional medium, life coach and medical intuitive for over twenty five years, Rose consults with client’s in single sessions by telephone or SKYPE but encourages people who truly desire to grow personally or spiritually to consider more frequent sessions by monthly retainer.

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Constance Stellas

Astrologer – Writer &, Author

New York, New York

Twitter: @stellastarguide

Constance Stellas - Astrologer, Author and Writer

Constance Stellas is an astrologer of Greek heritage with over 20 year’s experience.   Constance primarily practices in New York City and counsels via phone and SKYPE a variety of clients including business CEO’s, artists, and scholars.

Constance offers a variety of astrology services including, Natal chart reading, Synastry/soul mate chart readings, Solar Returns or birthday chart for the upcoming year, Horary astrology and more.

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Ainslie Faust

Jungian Astrologer

Los Angeles, California
Twitter: @AinslieFaust

Ainslie Faust - Jungian Astrologer

Ainslie Faust is an intuitive, Jungian-based astrologer.  Ainslie holds an MA in counseling Psychology and a PhD in Philosophy and Religion with a concentration on symbol systems and Jungian Psychology. With over twenty-five years experience in astrological counseling, Ainslie brings a unique, artistic perspective, to her workshops and readings.

Astrology Session Options include; Quick Overview or Specific Question, Natal Analysis & Coaching Package.


Connect with Ainslie Faust

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