Entrepreneur Julie Ryan Hosts the Julie Ryan Alexa Skill for Amazon Echo Devices

(MediaQuire) ATLANTA, GA. – Clement, Inc. announced today the release of a new “Julie Ryan Angelic Attendants” Alexa Skill  for Amazon Echo Devices. including visual presentation for Amazon Echo Show and FireTV devices.

The Julie Ryan Angelic Attendants Alexa Skill is hosted by medical intuitive, psychic, author and inventor Julie Ryan. Users will be inspired and captivated everyday with Julie’s collection of audio excerpts from her book, “Angelic Attendants: What Really Happens As We Transition From This Life Into The Next” where she describes the Twelve Phases of Transition™. Users can now ask Julie Ryan questions about the Twelve Phases of Transition™, spirit guides, past lives and more to instantly get answers.

How it works:

“Alexa, open Julie Ryan Angelic Attendants”

To get started:

  1. Users can easily enable the “Julie Ryan Angelic Attendants” Alexa Skill using the Alexa App or Amazon Echo Devices.  First-time Alexa users will need to download the Amazon Alexa app.
  2. Users can also enable the Julie Ryan Alexa Skill through the Alexa Skills Store on Amazon.comJust search Julie Ryan Alexa Skill and click to “Enable.”

Once users enable the Julie Ryan Skill, simply say; “Alexa, open Julie Ryan Angelic Attendants“.  Alexa will greet you with two options:

  • Would you like to hear today’s excerpt from Angelic Attendants or,
  • Ask Julie Ryan a question

Users opt to “Listen to an Audio Excerpt”:

Audio excerpt episodes are presented once a day from Julie Ryan’s book, “Angelic Attendants” where she describes the Twelve Phases of Transition™.

A few examples the Twelve Phases of Transition include;

– Phase One
– Phase Two: Parents Arrive
– Phase Three: Angels Arrive
– Phase Six: Spirits Arrive

Users who want to ask Julie Ryan a question, samples include:

– “What is a Medical Intuitive?”
– “Was Edgar Cayce a Healer?”
– “What is a Past Life?”
– “What can I Learn from My Past Life?”
– “What’s the Difference Between a Live Spirit and a Dead One?”
– “What are Spirit Guides?”
– “What Do Spirit Guides Do?”

Any time you need a little help within the skill, just say “Help” for guidance.

The Julie Ryan Angelic Attendants Alexa Skill was produced and developed by Studio Carlton.


Julie Ryan AYRIAL

Julie Ryan a medical intuitive, psychic and energetic healer.  She can scan animals, access people’s past lives, and remove ghosts from homes and other buildings, and I can tell how close to death someone is.

Although the medical intuitive aspect of Julie Ryan’s life has been an amazing side interest, she is basically a businesswoman, an inventor, an author, and a serial entrepreneur. During her 35-year career, she’s invented surgical devices that are sold throughout the world and founded several companies in the medical, natural gas, advertising, long-term care, compliance, and data breach prevention industries.

To learn more about Julie Ryan visit: AskJulieRyan.com
• Listen to Julie Ryan’s Podcast: askjulieryan.com/podcast/


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