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I’m Victoria lynn Weston and here’s your AYRIAL Newsflash for the week of November 13th, 2017

Here’s your astrology news provided by AYRIAL member, Ainslie Faust.  Ainslie Faust is an intuitive, Jungian-based astrologer with over twenty years experience in astrological counseling. Scorpio New Moon: Release the Old, bring in the New.  The Scorpio New Moon is exact at 3:42 AM PDT next Saturday. The Sun and Moon meet at 26.19° Scorpio. New Moons are times for new beginnings. It is the planting of the seed, or the inception of a new idea or cycle in your life. New life requires tender loving care and protection from the harsh light of the day. This New Beginning is in the sign of transformation, Scorpio. The Scorpio New Moon is a great time to clear out negative energy from your home. Scorpio is the sign to dive into the dark, messy, unpleasant places in our collective psyche and find the strength and passion to survive despite life’s ugly underbelly. Use this Scorpio New Moon to let go of the past and habits that no longer serve you and set intentions to transform yourself into a new stronger being.

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I’m excited to introduce AYRIAL’s newest members: Bio-Balance Integrative Health Care Professional.  She’s  a retired neurosurgeon, Dr. Bonnie Bennett combines her medical background with thirty years of classical homeopathy and takes a whole-system approach to regenerative healing to help individuals.

Laura Morris – Morris Feng Shui.  Laura is a certified Feng Shui consultant, artist, and designer. Through her articles, workshops, videos, TV appearances and consultations, Laura has guided thousands of people to shift their ch’i and revitalize their living spaces to increase energy flow & harmony.

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