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I’m Victoria lynn Weston and here’s your AYRIAL Newsflash for the week of November 27th, 2017

The holidays have officially kicked off! Before you find yourself in a tizzy or feeling frustrated about shopping, cooking and entertaining, check into AYRIAL Newsflash every day through December ad we provide festive, practical and fun tips to help you through the most festive time of the year!

Amanda Gibby Peters, Feng Shui consultant, writer and founder of SIMPLE SHUI has provided delicious feng shui tips, here’s the first of several;

GO FOR GOLD. Gold loves money. It howls for that cha-ching energy. And under its spell, good things happen. You see, gold is metaphorical for wealth, and a little here + there ADDS up. So, find a few pieces of this majestic metal – gold coins, gold-ish trinkets, or even foil stamped art – and merge its delightful frequency into your space. Once you start, you’ll discover it’s so much more than a metal of the moment.

Check back tomorrow to hear another holiday feng shui tip from Amanda Gibby Peters. You can also check out her recent article GIFT WELL on under NEWS section.

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Up next is our featured podcast with Feng Shui consultant, Sybilla Lenz who talks about how to create a loving environment for the holidays and how doctors/lawyers can make their offices a more loving space  Enjoy!