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April Kirkwood Online Counseling AYRIAL

I have added to my professional services online interactive video platform.  I currently see patients online who are Ohio residents and patients who travel and/or live internationally.  I will also see patients online who are residents in other USA states, but please contact me so I can check out the law specific for your state for online therapy.

I serve the needs of the patient that are confidential, economical, accessible, and convenient to their schedule.

The Pros of Online Counseling

  • Convenience means you can be in the comfort of your own space, no loss of time due to traffic, transportation problems, or physical mobility limitations.
  • Convenience also means not missing work or family responsibilities when time demands are crucial.
  • Convenience also means you can meet with me whether you travel, are on vacation, or are anywhere in the world.
  • Many patients prefer this method for the ease, accessibility, economics, and convenience.
  • It’s perfect for busy professionals, stay at home parents and caregivers, and homebound clients, too!  And if your baby sitter can’t show up, it’s no problem.
  • Online video therapy also allows us an unique opportunity for us to work together and fine tunes things as they occur naturally in your life.
  • Online therapy makes me your portable life coach so I can work with you through challenges as they occur real time.
  • Never be without assistance again.  Take your personal support home with you.

Choose the package best for you:

  • Package 1: 6 Hour Package $300

Schedule the 6 hours in one day or up to 6 months time. You can use these hours as needed for one on one consulting services.  This includes daily text messages and phone call as needed.

  • Package 2: 3 Hour Package $130

Like the 6 hour package, you have the flexibility to schedule the 3 hours in one day or up to 3 months time. You can use these hours as needed for one on one consulting services.  This includes daily text messages and phone call as needed.

  • Package 3: Hourly, Pay as you go $50/hour

This package is perfect for the person who just needs a little direction in one area and will only need one hour of one on one consulting to fine tune their current skills. This includes text messages and phone call as needed.

*Maximum per day:  three text messages and one phone call.

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“When I heard April speak at an event recently about The Three Thoughts That Have Kept Us In The Shadows; I had my confirmation as to my dilemma in the patterns of my life I had currently been working though.  I have self-sabotaged every good thing. In my adult life, I continued to be a runner. I was also a victim of mental abuse growing up and spent the last year working out some childhood memories that weren’t so good.  I am thankful for hearing April’s suggestions that spearheaded me into putting the past in the past and look towards the future with a fresh perspective and a new sense of self-confidence. I would highly recommend April to speak and share her story so she can continue to uplift lives.” – Angela Morgan

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About April Kirkwood

Hello, I’m April Kirkwood, of course!

I have a masters degrees in both school and community mental health counseling. After twenty-five years working as an educator, I am now a certified Licensed Professional Counselor working with those who have experienced emotional abuse, divorce, molestation, and addiction.

My consultations are strictly confidential and appointments are scheduled by telephone or Skype.

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