Openings are now available for Katherine On Call! Cultivate your mastery of Black Sect Feng Shui

Presented by Katherine Metz & The Art of Placement

Katherine Metz, Feng Shui StoryboardFor the first time in 3 years, we have openings in our On Call program! Here are notes from former participants to help you understand why this may be the perfect way to continue to cultivate your mastery of Black Sect Feng Shui.

• The teachings are true to the lineage, and I hear H. H. Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun come to life as Katherine shares her knowledge.

• Katherine is accessible to answer questions every day. This is a rare opportunity to ask anything you wish! Her explanations are insightful, nuanced, and clear, reflecting her passion for maintaining the integrity of the lineage.

• Truly mind expanding, even after years of study.

A personal note from Katherine….

It is my pleasure to pass on the teachings of H. H. Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun, and to do so in the tradition of his oral teachings. Thank you for your dedication to the lineage and your continued study. I look forward to our personal connection.

I will be available to answer your questions by phone, email, or text, Monday through Friday (or in an emergency, Saturday).

The calls and emails are meant to be quick and simple. I hope to answer the question that you need answered in the moment. I trust that you will honor our time together by being prepared and precise. I will do the same.

I have found that it is here, one on one, listening carefully, that we learn to hear Professor’s whispers of wisdom. I have been graced with the understandings of a master. They must not disappear with me.

Space is limited to 12, so act now. Call Katherine at 707.282.9069 or email to secure your spot and ask any questions you have.

Email Katherine Today!

Openings now available for Katherine On Call! #FengShui @kmetzfengshui @AYRIAL7


About Katherine Metz

Katherine Metz is a Feng Shui Practitioner, Teacher, Mentor, Bau-biologist and a Founding Director of the Feng Shui Guild.  Blending other aspects of her background—a degree in Medical Sociology from the University of Michigan and design experience from owning an interior landscape business—with the Hawaiian and Chinese arts of healing and place, Katherine created The Art of Placement, where she went on to become a highly regarded practitioner, teacher, and lecturer. She has made a lasting mark in reaching out to the public and in her most recent endeavor serving as mentor to a select group of affiliates from around the world.

She has appeared on television and radio across the country. Her name appears in many Feng Shui books as authors acknowledge their teachers, and her writings continue to be used by students and practitioners around the world. In 1998 Katherine was keynote speaker for the 2nd Annual International Feng Shui Conference. She teaches and lectures, upon request, on the art and science of creating a healthy home and workplace.

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