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About Eleni Roumeliotou

Eleni Roumeliotou is an accomplished geneticist, clinical nutritionist and environmental toxins expert.

A former academic, Eleni consciously chose to focus on natural health and medicinal diets that better people´s lives right now, rather than sterile, unpractical university projects that only remotely serve us.

Eleni helps women claim their power to restore their fertility and have a healthy pregnancy and baby. With the right diet and lifestyle, women who are trying to conceive improve their chances for successful conception, minimize complication risk and ensure the immediate and long-term health of their little one.

In the same vein, Eleni also helps parents and parents-to-be create safe, non-toxic spaces for their children to grow up and thrive, by removing dangerous toxins, which harm kids ‘development.

Eleni has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Genetics from Aristotle University Thessaloniki. She earned her Master’s Degree in Human Molecular Genetics from Imperial College London.

Eleni Roumeliotou’s “Power Fertility Cleanse”

Would you like to flush out of your body sneaky fertility toxins, so you can boost egg quality and your chances for successful conception and healthy pregnancy?
Do you wonder if you are eating foods that prevent you from having a baby?
Would you like to break free from unhealthy eating habits you know are harming your fertility?
Have you tried other diets that haven’t helped you get and stay pregnant?
Do you struggle with losing weight, and you are tired of everybody telling you that it is key for optimal fertility?

In this cleanse you will flush out fertility toxins that have been silently stealing your fertility away for years.


In this cleanse you will flush out fertility toxins that have been silently stealing your fertility away for years. It´s time to say goodbye to well-known fertility poisons like BPA, PCBs, phthalates and heavy metals.  Once this burden is gone your body can finally make the best quality eggs and truly support a healthy pregnancy and baby.

The Power Fertility Cleanse is designed to jumpstart your fertility in three fundamental steps:

  • Flush out sneaky fertility toxins from your body
  • Eliminate fertility-harming foods from your diet
  • Add fertility-enhancing goodness with tasty meals

This is the safest, most natural and efficient way to restore optimal fertility. Whether you are trying for a baby naturally or plan to go through IVF/ IUI rounds, it is important to prepare your body for successful conception and pregnancy.


There is a large body of evidence showing that many foods and common dietary habits sabotage ovulation and the continuation of a healthy pregnancy.

This is why I developed this program, to help you eliminate such everything that is proven to reduce fertility and increase the risk for miscarriage and pregnancy complications.

By following the most recent scientific advances in nutritional science, you gain an unfair advantage: you remove fertility-harming foods (like dairy and gluten) that mess up precious hormone balance and your chances to have a baby.

That step alone, gives you a HUGE headstart!

primal fertility the natural way

Restoring your fertility will NOT happen overnight, but this is the BEST and most respectful start for your body.

When your body is overwhelmed with fertility toxins and you eat foods that aren’t right for your fertility, you miss precious opportunities for a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby.


  • Get rid of fertility toxins, which are accumulated in your body and are quietly sabotaging your babymaking efforts.
  • Jumpstart your metabolism, so you can release excess weight you may be holding onto.
  • Reduce cravings and hunger for foods that sabotage conception and pregnancy.
  • Reduce inflammation and digestive issues, which is a major component of subfertility.
  • Reduce stress.

Cleaning up your diet for 14 days will have a powerful impact on your emotional state. As stress melts away, your body will be able to function optimally.


The Cleanse Guide

  • A complete cleanse guide so you know what to do and when.
  • Daily Protocol. An easy to follow document that you can print out and post on your fridge so you can stay on track.
  • Two Weeks of Meal Plans with 30 Delicious Recipes & Thorough Shopping Lists.

You won’t feel deprived with the amazing menu I have put together for you, and you’ll know exactly what to buy and cook.

Detox Supercharge

  • A guide with my top supplements and tips for those of you who want to take cleansing to the next level.
  • Toxin Reduction Tips and Tools.

The right diet is a fantastic start, but if you combine it with these simple lifestyle changes, you truly give your body the chance to restore hormone  balance.

Eleni’s Guiding Principles

  • Whether you are trying to conceive naturally or through IVF/IUI, your body should be treated with the utmost respect.
  • Diet and lifestyle play decisive role in fertility and health.
  • There are few chances you can IVF/IUI your way around poor quality egg or unbalanced hormones, which are caused by fertility toxins in your body.
  • It is scientifically proven that several types of toxins and/or the lack of critical nutrients can directly reduce fertility.

Your Fertility is in YOUR hands, more than you ever thought!

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