Press Release Services: 

Press release services is one of the benefits of being an AYRIAL member. An AYRIAL team member can help you with drafting your press release as well as basic editing.


Send us a draft of the information you want to send out so that your AYRIAL support team can understand the type of content you will be sending out and make the best recommendations for your goals.  Your information should include the famous 5-W’s:  who, what, when and where.


  • Headline. Grab your readers’ attention and make them want to read more.  This is a good place to incorporate SEO (search engine optimization) and include keywords about you, your product, book or company – this helps boost your internet rankings. Statistics state that: 80-100 characters is ideal. Embellish with more details in your second headline.

  • Second Headline: For instance, if you’re an author announcing your book publication, a second header might include a riveting quote from a character in your the book.  This helps to immediately grab readers’ attention to continue on reading.
  • Intro paragraph: The “hook” for your story, the lead paragraph should be concise and to the point—and answer the famous 5-W’s: who, what, when, where and why.  Include your relevant web link here.
  • Second paragraph. You’ve grabbed your readers attention, now give them more relevant information and story nuances.  It’s best to use short, attention-grabbing sentences or bullet points to drive social sharing. Example: The much-anticipated Ghosts, starring Jillian Doe and Joseph Doe, was co-written by Oliver Stewn and Ava Doe.

  • Big. Bold. Media. Adding rich media will make your press release standout: Audio, video and high res images will keep readers engaged and ideally, you want your story to be shared socially.  And, if you are lucky, you could have one of those rare stories that go “viral” on social media outlets.

  • Quotes are important:  Thought leadership is one of today’s focus, so include interesting quotes or soundbites from yourself, a client,  spokesperson or a character from your book.  You want a quote that moves your story forward.  Keep your quotes conversational.  Press releases are about news, facts and not “a marketing brochure” — avoid including all CAPS, sales pitches or a descriptive more appropriate for a novel.

  • Call to Action: Now that you’ve got your readers’ attention, guide them to the next step!  Do you want them to visit your website, sign up for a consultation or buy your book?  Include appropriate links and contact information.

  • Business and Personal Identity – the Boiler Plate:  Close every release with a standard company (or your personal) boilerplate. Keep it brief, interesting and include a link to your website.

  • Media Contact Information: Everyone’s goal is unique, but if you hope to have media pick-up your news, providing a Media Contact with name,  phone and/or email is important. If you’ve read press releases Media Contact at the top, side bar or bottom appears like this:
  • Media Contact:
    Joan Doe, (company name)

We are here to help you get your message out.  When you are ready to send out a press release, click here to use the contact form and include your information.  We’ll draft out a press release with suggestions for you to review.  It typically takes 2-3 revisions to polish a press release for distribution. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us!

In addition to the standard press release, you can also send Media Alerts which are used to attract photo journalists, broadcast and reporters.  These are short and sweet but still pack a punch of information along with high res images, audio or video.

Here’s a few examples of press releases: