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Eleni Roumeliotou

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Eleni Roumeliotou is a Professional Wellness Advisor – Nutritionist and Fertility Health Coach 

Hello, I’m Eleni!

Once upon a time I was a geneticist working in fancy, state of the art university lab. One day I realized that diet and lifestyle are more important (and definitely easier to change) than genes for health and quality of life.

Now, a busy mom, environmental toxins specialist and a clinical nutritionist, I educate parents and parents-to-be, who are truly invested in the health, happiness and future of the children, through my writings and learning programs.


About Eleni

Eleni Roumeliotou is an accomplished geneticist, clinical nutritionist and environmental toxins expert. A former academic, Eleni consciously chose to focus on natural health and medicinal diets that better people´s lives right now, rather than sterile, unpractical university projects that only remotely serve us.

Eleni helps women claim their power to restore their fertility and have a healthy pregnancy and baby. With the right diet and lifestyle, women who are trying to conceive improve their chances for successful conception, minimize complication risk and ensure the immediate and long-term health of their little one.

In the same vein, Eleni also helps parents and parents-to-be create safe, non-toxic spaces for their children to grow up and thrive, by removing dangerous toxins, which harm kids ‘development.

Eleni has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Genetics from Aristotle University Thessaloniki. She earned her Master’s Degree in Human Molecular Genetics from Imperial College London.

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