Psychic Frauds – Warning Signs to Watch For


Did you ever pay a psychic big bucks to light candles for you, to bring back your former lover or husband?  Did a psychic claim to guarantee they could remove a “so-called curse or black cloud” off you?  Did you ever feel like you were a victim of a psychic fraud or scam?

How do you recognize psychic frauds? I have had one too many clients tell me they fell victim to a so-called “psychic.” These unethical individuals only care about one thing, and that is how much money they can scam from you. Make no mistake – these scam artists are experts at taking advantage of vulnerable, hurting people in their time of need.

Unfortunately, there are many frauds and unscrupulous people in all walks of life and all areas of business, including the metaphysical/psychic realm. Psychic frauds come in all sizes, ages, ethnicity, and gender – in other words, you can’t always judge “the book by its cover!” The experiences that have been shared with me always seem to start off, “He/she seemed like such a nice person.” The “psychic” seemed very kind and concerned about helping them with their troubling issues. A generic type reading ensued, but quickly the discussion turned to money; money that the “psychic” requested in order to pay for more work that would be conducted on the client’s behalf, or to do a spell of some sort to clear out the bad energy. There can be a long list of other ruses that these mean-spirited thieves will pull on people. When all is said and done, nothing helpful or insightful is ever given to the client.

You may say, “I’d never fall for a scam like that!” However, I’ll bet you that many of the people who have been scammed are those you’d likely never suspect. Think about it: When someone has a very worrisome concern or is at a depressed and low-point in their life, they are already extra vulnerable due to the pressures they’re dealing with. Their discernment is usually off-kilter. But these psychic-frauds seem to be offering hope and many people will often shell out huge amounts of money in the hope that they’ll get the perfect answer on how to solve their problem, or the magic spells supposedly conducted on their behalf will miraculously make everything OK again, or the cure will be produced, etc. Whatever is promised to happen is nothing but a lie wrapped up in a financial-scam … it’s all so sad.

So, let me share a few tips on how to discern if a psychic is likely legitimate or not, and why you should be cautious when dealing with any type of metaphysical and/or holistic practitioner. Your intuitive, instinctual cautionary signals and feelings should never be ignored; these instincts will protect you and also your wallet!

These scam-artists have one goal –  get the client into believing false scenarios and dramatic stories with some emotional scare tactics woven in for good measure. The whole ruse is designed to keep the client returning for long periods of time, and well-crafted manipulation is used in order to rip-off as much money as possible. It’s been admitted to me that hundreds, even thousands, of dollars have been paid by a client.

Here are a few examples of psychic scams and also the associated fraudulent claims to steer clear of:


“I GUARANTEE I can change your financial circumstances (or love life, work situation, health issue, etc.) for the better.”

How can any ethical person honestly guarantee things will change or improve in your area of concern? There are other variables and actions that must be considered by the client; thus, even the most ethical and accurate psychic will not guarantee an outcome. 

# 2 – The “curse on you (or a loved one)” ruse.

This is one of the most famous, and still very prevalent, psychic scams. The fraudster determines if the client is insecure or frightened and easily manipulated; this is what they’re hoping for. Then the game of gaining the client’s trust begins, while the client is slowly being reeled in. There’s only one objective – to get the client to pull out their wallet. The reading will go something like this: “I can remove your bad luck (or whatever else) for only x-amount of dollars.” And make no mistake, a large sum of money will probably be mentioned, along with the fact the victim will be told more sessions will probably be needed in order to completely remove the problem. (More sessions = more money!)

Aunt Wu: Your future is full of struggle and anguish, most of it self-inflicted.
Sokka: But, you didn’t read my palms or anything.
Aunt Wu: I don’t need to. It’s written all over your face.

Avatar: The Last Airbender, “The Fortuneteller

# 3 – Red Flags

Here’s a related grouping of red flags to run hard and fast from if you are handed one of these lines within the first few minutes of your reading:

  •  “I perceive a dark and evil spirit that means you harm is around you; that’s why you are feeling so emotionally upset, experiencing financial difficulties, have become so physically ill.” (You can fill in any other malady or situation that might fit.)
  •  “Until I can cleanse you of the dark energy surrounding you, you will continue to suffer!” (Again, fill in whatever malady is troubling you.)
  • “Oh dear! I can sense that something very horrible is soon to happen to you (or a loved one). I must do some spell work on your behalf to protect you and to forever banish the evil energy plaguing you.”

Please note: While perhaps there might be truth about evil energy or a jinx or curse affecting you in some negative way, there has to strong evidence to prove it! An ethical psychic would deal with the client in a sensitive and caring fashion, and requests for “more money” would not enter into the conversation. Also, it is very possible that a certifiable mental imbalance or disorder or other situation is causing the client’s problem, of which a gifted psychic should be able to tune into.

Man getting palm reading from a gypsy psychic

The last one to mention is:


Beware if you are approached on the street and the person starts giving you a reading, telling you they “were compelled to warn you about something.” What you’ll likely hear is that they see dark energy around you. Get away from them!

No ethical psychic will never invade another person’s privacy! I do not walk around trying to be open to every person I encounter, offering unsolicited psychic “warnings.” I was taught that to do so is unethical and would ultimately end up in making me very off-balanced.

The end result in all this is that the vulnerable victim who gets caught-up in a scam only ends up with the loss of money and an even lower self-esteem. If something just doesn’t seem right to you when you are receiving a reading, then trust your gut instincts, protect yourself and remove yourself quickly from the offending individual!

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