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Ann Bibbey

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Consult with Ann Bibbey

Ann Bibbey is a Professional Psychic Medium & Certified Reiki Master

Ann Bibbey is a Psychic Medium, Reiki Master and Teacher, as well as an Intuitive Life and Business Consultant. Her complimentary skills include Face Reading, Numerology, and Astrology.

Working from her Fort Collins, Colorado office, Ann uses her intuitive gifts to help individuals, businesses, and organizations across the globe by offering guidance to find clarity and insight during times of transition. Whether with a client seeking to find life’s path and purpose, or a business embarking on new ventures, Ann creatively combines her many gifts to match their needs.

Ann offers distant sessions, has limited availability in her Colorado office, and travels to work on-site with groups, businesses, and organizations. Time and space are no barrier. She can take her awareness to the client no matter where they are located.

How Ann Bibbey Got Started…

After the passing of her mother in 2005, Ann realized her soul’s purpose was to help others like herself; people in transition who needed guidance or were suffering from burn-out in their own lives. As a corporate executive, Ann would often find herself using her natural intuitive instincts to match products and services to the needs of her clients. In addition, during a time when she was an owner of a private residential care home for the elderly, she would often use her abilities as a psychic medium to assist residents and their families when it was time to move to a convalescent home or pass to the other side.

This led Ann to accept a major life shift she felt called to pursue – she left the corporate world and began her formal training to better attune her natural gifts and gain the accreditation she desired. Over the next few years, Ann became certified in Reiki, Reiki Drumming, Craniosacral Therapy, and Face Reading. While working on others in classes, she began having psychic insights into their lives. This gift became even stronger through a disciplined and diligent daily practice of open eye meditation, nature walks with her dog, and body work.

In 2010 Ann opened her practice in Fort Collins, Colorado. She quickly became a highly sought after intuitive healer both in her local community, as well as across the globe via virtual sessions, workshops, and one-on-one meetings. Ann strives to help people and businesses who are in transition find clarity and insight. She does a great deal of coaching with her clients; assisting them to recognize their path and purpose, whether it be personal healing or using her intuitive business coaching skills to guide and advise those seeking direction in the professional arena. Ann’s clients appreciate that she can combine all her modalities while working with them. It is unique to her approach in the healing arts.

As a motivational speaker, you can find Ann at special events, conferences, retreats, seminars, and workshops, assisting people on how to heal from the inside out. Multifaceted in her practice, her skills have benefited clientele and organizations both large and small.

In 2010 Ann quit her job(s) and took a leap of faith opening a practice in Reiki, and as a Psychic Medium – and most recently has added Face Reading to her inutitive skillset. She hit the ground running, enthusiastically allowing her passion to guide her. Ann’s clients appreciated that she combined all of her modalities while working on them. It is unique to her approach in the Healing Arts.

Today, along with seeing clients Ann teaches certification courses in Reiki 1-4, as well as Workshops on various topics in the Metaphysical realm such as Meditation, Techniques to Develop Psychic Abilities, Face Reading, Feng Shui, and Vision Boards. She also facilitates retreats and is a motivational speaker.

Schedule a Private Psychic Medium Session: 

Ann is often asked how she receives her information when giving a Psychic Reading. By tuning into a person’s energy field/aura, Ann can see visions (clairvoyance). Intuitively, she hears messages that are not audible to others (clairaudience) and empathically feels or senses things that are going on in a person’s life (clairsentient).

She is also a medium, which means she can connect spiritually with loved ones who have passed over to the other side and retrieve messages or information from them. Conducting sessions as a Psychic Medium, Ann encourages clients to ask questions. She then tunes into the client’s energy field and through her unique gifts can see, hear and sense information for them.

Ann communes with her Spirit Guides and Angels during a session.  There are times when specific answers are not given. When that happens it’s because a lesson is involved for the client to learn. Ann does a tremendous amount of guiding for clients through life’s spiritual lessons and growth. We all have free will to make our own choices.

Ann’s gifts allow her to often see and feel a person’s challenges and lessons that are down the road. She is then able to guide and coach them on how to make any necessary changes or decisions that can assist them in creating a smooth shift and help them come from a place that is for their higher good and the higher good of all parties involved. The gifts that Ann has help her tune into the energy around these choices so she can help clients make decisions for their higher good, including their physical and spiritual well-being.

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Ann consults with individuals by telephone or group sessions.  If more than one person wishes to participate in a session, the cost is per person.

30 minutes – $150.
60 minutes – $225.

Consult with Ann Bibbey

“Ann Bibbey has helped me find my voice and believe in myself. Through her healing work and loving support, I have learned to listen and trust my intuition. You can’t imagine how a life blossoms once it is connected to its truth. I have never been more sure of who I am and why I am here on this planet. I am boundless in the way I work, the way I love my friends and family, and most importantly, the way I love myself. Ann gives you practical tools to move yourself up and out of old patterns and stories that no longer serve you. Ann helped me see the light inside of me, making it possible for me to create a life without limits.” – Jeannie Davis


ann bibbey ayrialAnn is a certified Reiki Master Teacher. She uses her intuitive gifts to enhance and combine her various modalities (therapeutic approaches) in healing sessions. Each session is tailored to a client’s individualized needs.

Ann creates a safe space to allow the healing process to take place. In addition to healing, Ann guides her clients through life’s challenges and helps them find their way to a more authentic life.

Anyone can learn Reiki and would benefit from doing so. People who already do healing work report a consistent increase of fifty percent in their healing energies and intuition after taking Reiki Training. Because Reiki is spiritually-guided energy, it doesn’t harm you. One can never have too much Reiki!
The body and mind (both conscious and unconscious) store patterns of negative thoughts as well as energy blocks. This can lead to chronic illness, anxiety, and depression. Reiki removes these energy blocks and assists in shifting these patterns from and around the body’s energy field, (aura and Chakras). It also reduces stress, anxiety, grief, pain, swelling and discomfort due to medical procedures. The degree of healing depends on how open, ready, and willing the client is to heal emotionally, physically and spiritually.

After a Reiki treatment a client may experience feelings of warmth, peace, calmness and reduced pain and discomfort.

Healing Sessions

A healing session includes an appropriate and individualized combination of Ann’s many gifts including psychic readings, Reiki, energy clearings, life navigating, spiritual coaching, Numerology and Face Reading.

30 minutes – $150
60 minutes – $225

*All phone sessions are pre-paid with cash, check, credit card, or PayPal.


Consult with Ann Bibbey

“Ann is amazingly accurate in her visions. There were many small details that she would casually mention which I had tucked away but didn’t believe that they would happen and I ultimately forgot. As each event unfolded and these details came about, I remembered what Ann had said. She is this absolutely amazing person who is not only kind, but generous in her love for her clients. She has touched my life beyond belief and I will be forever grateful to her.” –  Naomi Miller

Face Reading Sessions

In a Face Reading, by analyzing the features and markings on the face, Ann can assess your past patterns and experiences, future potential, personality traits as well as evaluate health problems from signs and colors on the face and give recommendations for your overall health and well-being. A Face Reading helps people understand who they truly are and will activate their spirit or Shen which can be very transformational in nature and give clarity to the very essence of who they are.

The Golden Path is a Daoist metaphor for living your life according to your true nature. It is the personal quest to find and uncover the real you. This is a path of spiritual alchemy where you refine yourself and your life experiences into the purest form of you so that you can do what you were meant to do in order to give back to the world in a unique way. It is the behavioral manifestation of turning the human experience – seen as lead into the essence of gold. Being on your Golden Path is about much more than a having a career, a hobby, being famous or making money. It is about living your “Dao”. The word Tao is usually translated as meaning a path, but the earliest pictogram showed “A Face, Running on a Road.” The face refers to the Daoist concept of returning to your original face, which involves reclaiming your true talents, abilities and innocent personality held in the “Jing” or inherited constitution. Allowing these talents and abilities to reemerge activates your potential, what the Taoists call “P’u,” which leads to the ability to act upon it in a virtuous way, “Te.” The Golden Path is a journey of self discovery that leads you to your “Ming” – your destiny or fate. However, your Ming is not completely predetermined or preordained. You have the ability to choose opportunities within the boundaries of your existence and based on the surroundings and circumstances of your life. The ultimate goal of a Golden Path is the fulfillment that comes from returning to your sacred and intrinsic self and choosing to be filled with the divine spirit of “Ling” as you live your life your way and give the world: the true you!

The origin of these teachings comes from Master Face Reader Lillian Bridges and her Mother’s Chinese family, primarily her Grandmother.

Face Readings can be done in person or via Skype. If done by Skype, Ann would need three photographs by email or mail. One facing front not smiling, one facing front smiling and one side view with the ear showing – left ear for men and right ear for women.

Golden Path Readings include the use of Ann’s psychic abilities.

Sessions are 60-minutes.

Face Readings are $225/session.
Golden Path Readings are $250/session.

Consult with Ann Bibbey


Intuitive Business Consultant

Ann has most recently added Astrology to her metaphysical and spiritual studies, and offers detailed Astrological reports. This is a thorough report that fully describes you and the way you relate to the world in all areas of your life: day to day activities, relationships, career, resources, personality, your home and environment, the way you go about your goals, your destiny and many other details. This report validates so many things. It will help you understand how you operate in the world and where you are inclined to go in all of the above areas. It is the most accurate modality there is.
For the report, Ann needs your exact time of birth and the city and state you were born in. The report will be emailed to you.
Astrological Report: $75

Consult with Ann Bibbey

It is not uncommon for professionals and businesses to find themselves feeling unsure or lost during times of growth and transition, and in need of guidance. This happens for many different reasons whether it’s major decisions such as a move or expansion, or simpler tasks such as hiring and firing. As a former corporate executive and business owner, Ann found herself drawn to use her intuitive gifts in such a way that would connect clients with products and services, and help individuals make the correct decisions when faced with change.

Today Ann has embraced this passion, along with her sharpened skillset of intuitive gifts such as her abilities as a Psychic Medium, Face Reading, Numerology, and even Astrology, and she works innovatively and intuitively with businesses and organizations, large and small, as a consultant. Ann has also traveled to some of these venues to do on-site groups sessions and motivational speaking.

Consult with Ann Bibbey
Ann Bibbey has helped me find my voice and believe in myself. Through her healing work and loving support, I have learned to listen and trust my intuition. You can’t imagine how a life blossoms once it is connected to its truth. I have never been more sure of who I am and why I am here on this planet. I am boundless in the way I work, the way I love my friends and family, and most importantly, the way I love myself. Ann gives you practical tools to move yourself up and out of old patterns and stories that no longer serve you. Ann helped me see the light inside of me, making it possible for me to create a life without limits.

Jeannie Davis
Before my session with Ann, not really knowing what to expect, I was both nervous and excited. Ann immediately put me at ease with her gentle spirit and I soon felt as if I had just gained a new friend. She was able to bring out in the open things that have been weighing heavily on my mind. Things that I wanted to bury but knew that I needed to address in order to work through them. What a wonderfully beautiful gift Ann has been blessed with and I am so thankful that our paths have crossed. My only regret is that I don’t live closer.

Diane Ferree
I just wanted to thank you so much for all of the readings I’ve had with you. I was struggling with letting go of a past relationship and also a previous employer. Good news – you said that a new job was coming and it was with a big company. Well, it showed up and I was offered a position and I am very happy! Also, I let go of my previous relationship and have a new love interest. Again, thank you so very much for your gentle guidance and love.

Valerie Woitt
Ann has helped me through big shifts in my life by offering clarity, reassurance and trust. Her energy work is stronger than anyone I’ve ever met and her hands are like laser beams that provide relief. I recommend Ann to anyone that is in need of some guidance, if they are going through a big transition in their life and when they need some help clearing old emotional patterns.

Somer Nicole
Ann is a priceless gift, both personally and professionally. As a business owner, it is hard to know if you’re making the best decisions. Hiring, marketing, moving…you just never really know. You move forward and hope that it’s the right choice. Ann has been a great help in clearing the clutter and the “noise” around me to see clearly what I need to do. I don’t think that my business growth would have been as easy and definitely not as smooth as it has been without Ann’s insight and gifts. Ann also lets me know when my personal “stuff” is getting in the way of business growth; again making it clear as to what I need to work on and work through in order to feel confident in the choices I’m making.

Sarah Hodapp

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