Colleen Vanderzyden

Consult with Colleen Vanderzyden

AYRIAL has tested this member and recommends their services.Colleen Vanderzyden is a Registered Medium with the Lily Dale Assembly

“Our connection to spirit can be quite important when we are on a path of self-discovery…”

AYRIAL’s Best Psychic Medium List

Psychic Medium Colleen Vanderzyden has been recognized as one of the country’s Best Psychic Mediums by AYRIAL Founder, Victoria lynn Weston.  “As a professional psychic-intuitive for over twenty years, I founded AYRIAL to feature the best psychic mediums who’ve been tested and recommended,” says Victoria.  “Today, it’s important to be able to distinguish the best psychic mediums from those who are simply not in that category. We save individuals the work of scouring the internet searching for qualified, accurate and authentic psychic and spiritual mediums.”

About Colleen

Colleen Vanderzyden is a Spiritual Life Coach and Psychic Medium who specializes in personal growth, self-discovery, and empowerment.

Colleen’s passion is to help people live an inspired, empowered and fulfilling life. In 2000 she channeled a message that changed her life. Within that message was the phrase, “Be who you are, for who you are is blessed.” This phrase helped her recognize she didn’t know who she was. With this awareness came a new path of self-discovery, and in the process, a realization that her life purpose was to help others be their best selves.

Colleen journeyed on her path and became an energy healer, a registered Lily Dale medium and a Spiritual Life Coach. Highly intuitive and spiritually connected, Colleen has the gift of helping people see the potential within themselves. Having embraced her own unique strengths and perspectives, she now helps her clients recognize their inner strengths and reclaim their power to transform their lives.

An engaging, energetic speaker and workshop leader, Colleen truly enjoys helping people get clarity on their lives and create positive change. Whether connecting to her clients in a reading or coaching session, she is positive, inspiring and uplifting.

A professional violinist, Colleen is active in discovering the affects sound has on health. She lives on the shore of Lake Erie and also has a cottage in Lily Dale, NY.

Schedule a Private Session with Colleen Vanderzyden: 

30-Minute Sessions:  $90.

45-Minute Sessions:  $145.

Colleen consults by telephone, Skype and FaceTime.  If you’d like a digital recording of your session, please let her know in advance.  There is a $10. additional fee.

Consult with Colleen Vanderzyden

Spiritual Life Coaches Packages Available:

A two-month  package that includes:

  • Seven hour-long private individual sessions-The “Get-to-Know-You” assessments
  • The article “Seven Mind-Shifts for Stress-Free Living”
  • Unlimited email support
  • A follow-up email after every session confirming your goals and action steps
  • A “check-in” email a couple of days before the session to communicate how the week has gone. This is so we can make best use of our time together during our session.
  • The Guided Meditations for Self-Realization CD
  • The Practical Steps to Self-Realization card deck
    (Additional months can be added to extend the coaching benefit.)

Self-Empowerment Package Price:  Contact me for your free thirty-minute session so we can discuss your goals and how coaching can benefit you!

Colleen will also discuss customizing a coaching package for you along with fees.  Available openings for new clients are limited.

Consult with Colleen Vanderzyden

“Your coaching made me realize that the positive change I seek for my future can only be arrived at by reconciling my past, not in a way that answers every question, but in a way that enables me to forgive my history.” – PN

“Colleen’s coaching helped me sift through the murky waters that had become my stuck life. I used to have dreams and talents but through the years, while working and starting a family– I lost track of myself and couldn’t even remember what those dreams were! Everything seemed pointless and impossible. Colleen helped me clarify what exactly was holding me back– and showed me steps I could take to break through my own limiting beliefs. You may ask, “why do I need a life coach?” But, if you aren’t feeling like yourself anymore, feeling hopeless and unclear—- having Colleen as your coach is just what you need to get back into the game of living a more fulfilling life! ” -KW

I found Colleen to be very caring and compassionate when she is giving readings. She is excited to be able to help the receiver in anyway she can.
Colleen, just wanted to congratulate you on your wonderful inspirational talk at Church today. It was humorous, spiritual, and oh so poignant and relative to all of us. I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from your spiritual gifts today. You are truly the authentic you….you just lit up the room!
I just wanted to thank you for my reading yesterday. It was very comforting and quite relieving in a sense. You made things very easy for me especially because it was my first time getting a reading done. I would love to come back and visit with you again in the near future!!
Your talk was luminous, mystical and deep. I am still thinking about it.