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AYRIAL has tested this member and recommends their services.Mandy Peterson is a Psychic Visionary & Intuitive Healer

“Seed your thoughts in a garden that treasures life and your harvest will be abundant in what has life. ” – Mandy Peterson

About Mandy Peterson

Mandy Peterson,psychic visionaryMandy Peterson, aka “Mystic Mandy”  is a psychic visionary, empath and EFT Practitioner.  Her life and passion has always been toward being a voice of empowerment. Her desire is to help empower those struggling within themselves and their relationships, as well as to help others understand a bigger picture which includes the collective and our planet.

Mandy is an environmental activist and minimalist. She strives to live as environmentally as possibly within her means. While her book is free to read through website she also offers it at a minimal price through Amazon/Kindle (after cost of printing). As of November 2015 she donates 1$ for every book sold to


Mandy is a regular columnist for Bellesprit Magazine and Om Times and she’s also been featured in a variety of print and online news including Bellesprit Magazine;  Mandy Peterson – A Voice For Mother Earth.

In addition to being a guest on radio shows including;  Hidden Wisdom Radio, Bellespirit Radio and All Things That Matter; Mandy has hosted her own psychic radio show on CBS Sky Radio called “Voice of Empowerment.”  You can view these video programs on Mandy’s  YouTube Channel, which has attracted thousands of viewers.

An artist and graphic designer, Mandy also created the EFT Divination & Chakra Deck, also known as the Path to Emotional Freedom Deck, to replace or complement EFT muscle testing. She also designs the covers for Bellesprit and Shesique Magazine, in which she occasionally does volunteer work for them.


Mandy offers these types of services:

Intuitive & Healing Services

As an empathic healer and reader, Mandy works 1-to-1 with clients, using her natural psychic and empathic abilities, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and healing cards. She advises others regarding how to regain balance, clarity and empowerment when they were troubled with:

  • Relationship problems
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Empathic ‘sponging’ or psychic attack issues
  • Energy imbalances
  • Pain Issues (physical, emotional, etc.)
  • Addictions (love addictions, psychic addictions, compulsions, OCD, etc.)
  • Lack of groundedness (in general or in a situation)

Mandy is an unconventional intuitive and healer focused on personal empowerment.

Mandy is vigilant about not allowing her clients to primarily focus on outcomes that can create anxiety and an addiction to them. Instead, she helps others to open the door to see the answers and truth they already have within them. Her passion is to enable others to re-examine their conscious, unconscious and collective beliefs, so they can finally break free from the box of conformity to find peace, abundance, and balance.

“I’m known for bluntness and telling the truth and just set my intention that way without using any ritual prior to or during a session, but I also use empathy (using names to tune in) to pick up what others are thinking and feeling. ” – Mandy Peterson

“Karmic Unweaving”

Mandy uses a unique approach to healing she calls “Karmic Unweaving.” Using an intuitive process that is similar to dream interpretation, she advises others on how to work backwards regarding what they are currently manifesting in their life–in a way that can assist with recognizing and understanding the deeper thoughts and patterns that may have taken root.

For those interested in EFT:

Mandy uses a unique “Tap-Free” method, so that clients do not have to know all the points or have to tap themselves.  However, she provides an abundance of information for those who do wish to learn EFT, muscle testing or other healing techniques.

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“Mandy’s reading was very enlightening. She picked up on me immediately in a no nonsense kind of way and got to the point of what she thought was the important issues for me to be aware of and the things that were blocking my advancement toward my goals. Even as time goes by and I reflect on some of the things she said they are becoming more meaningful. Thank you, Mandy for your thoughts!!” – MaryAnn, Atlanta

“I have known Mandy for over 10 years…  I have seen how accurate her predictions have been over the years and in fact I have referred many people to her and they have all expressed how accurate her readings were. I also have used Mandy as a Life Coach and I was very impressed on how focused she was and helpful in identifying the unnecessarily distractions that we all face that keep us from reaching our goals. To me the most important element about Mandy’s services is her real care about people’s well being and she transcends that in all aspects of her services. I strongly recommend her.” ~Taraneh Madar, Montreal

By Mandy Peterson

A Guest in Their Universe: An Earth Empath’s Dialogue with Nature and Animals is about the preoccupation with technology, mistreatment of our planet, and a disconnection with simplicity and the ability to live a more natural life are dilemmas that plague our contemporary world and set us on a destructive course. It seems as if there is little promise for humankind if we continue at our present pace. Is there hope? If so, how do we find direction?  The book guides readers on a positive, achievable path to reconnecting with our own true spirit and the spirit of all that lives.

“It is a call to live in a purer and simpler way. It is a call to live in a manner where we connect more fully with nature and can preserve and protect Her, understanding that we are part of Her, as is all of life,” said Peterson

Available on Amazon.

Featured Reviews:

“Whether you are a new age follower, a spiritual seeker, or someone who is looking for more meaning in life, A Guest in Their Universe can enrich your life and deepen your understanding of the world around you.” —  Catherine Rayburn-Trobaugh

“This book is brilliant! It will change the way you think… and I venture to say, it will change the way you see things in this world and perhaps change your lifestyle!” — Deborah Langelier

51S5e9R+lRL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ I Am the Lotus, Not the Muddy Pond, is a response to what author Mandy Peterson sees as a philosophical “split” that occurring within the mind and intentions of those who have been part of the New Age movement for the past two decades. Providing numerous examples, she shows us the difficulties that arise when individuals pursue ascension and higher consciousness while being encouraged to remain locked in an unconscious mind-set of materialism that fosters anxiety, paranoia and fear, and which negatively impacts our individual and collective health, happiness and overall well-being. Available on Amazon.


This is one of the most amazing books I have read along the topic of spiritual growth. The knowledge you will gain from reading this book is mind-blowing! Many parts of this book will become ‘ah ha’ moments for you as you awaken to the truth and realities of our existence on this earth. Mandy puts into words what many have been feeling yet, didn’t know how to express. As I was reading various chapters of this book I could feel the presence that was with Mandy as she channeled this information.  You will find that this is a book to be read, and re-read again and again as we grow along our spiritual development. – Belle Salisbury

Mandy’s EFT Divination Kit

EFT-Divination-KitMandy Peterson’s EFT Divination Kit consists of two decks; a second edition of the EFT Divination Deck and the Emotions and Timelines Deck.

These cards are ideal for those who wish to use EFT but who may not feel comfortable with muscle testing, or you may wish to use them in conjunction with muscle testing. They can be used to catch hidden blocks, dehydration and other resistances to resolving an issue. Several of the main blocks have duplicate cards so that a card can be drawn more than once in the case a block has not fully cleared (so if your deck has repeating cards, this is not an accident).

EFT-Divination-Kit-Image2Mandy uses state-of-the art technology to publish on-demand that is also environmentally friendly.

The card dimensions are 2″ x 3 1/2.” They are strictly words with a simple color object in the center (for determining a chakra to work with, if choosing to use the cards this way). This is to help those who may not be expert intuitives but who want a tool to help them to read in a simpler way. These cards require some knowledge of EFT to use.

Order your set online,

Want to have better results with EFT but don’t know what to tap or how to muscle test? These EFT cards can be a fun way to inspire a tapping focus! – Rhona Stedman


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What People Are Saying:

“The healing experience with Mandy was really amazingly strange to work that well. Thank you very much for your loving energy!”
Jung Sun, Korea
Mandy is someone I have been seeing for almost 5 years now. It seems like yesterday that I met her during an extremely trying time in my life. She not only helped me pull myself up by my bootstraps, but over the years she has helped me learn to find myself. Over time Mandy has become a close friend and confidante in addition to a competent psychic and healer. There is just simply no one more caring, loving, kind, smart, and accurate in both her predictions and her healing skills.
Lindsay DeVries, Washington
Mandy is a very gifted and intuitive healer and reader. She is always spot on, and offers large doses of love, empathy, and light. Her methods are very unique and her own brand, which is also fun to experience. She has assisted me in overcoming many frustrating limiting beliefs, I recommend her highly to anyone in need of healing and guidance!
- Nathan Martin, USA
I have been using Mandy for the past few years to help me work through issues that have put a stronghold on my life. I like Mandy because she doesn’t just offer a reading, she offers assistance/guidance. There were times were I was so low and she was the only soul I reached out to – and she helped. She is amazingly gifted. Add her loving kindness, experience and dedication to help those in need and you have just encountered an angel.
- Michelle Taylor, USA