Must Hear Audio: Psychotherapist discusses Jung, Freud & Intuition

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Intuition-Enhanced Psychotherapist, Joseph Eliezer, MTC, RPC, MPCP talks with AYRIAL TalkTime host Victoria lynn Weston about Freud, Jung & Intuition. Swiss psychologist Carl Jung believed that “our intuition is our reality, and reality is the illusion…”

Joseph Eliezer is the author of Simply Spirit is the first book in the “Words by Joseph” series. It is a compendium of original quotes, dealing with diverse subjects organized in chapters such as Intuition, Relationships and Sexuality, Fear, Money and Success, Illusion and Clarity, among others. This easy to read guide to Spiritual clarity offers insights into often confusing and perplexing life situations to help readers advance on their spiritual journeys.

Listen to full interview – 

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