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I am a Professional & Intuitive Counselor. I incorporate my professional qualifications that include a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and mBit Coach and Trainer, among other certifications, with my Intuitive Counseling and natural Clairsentient and Claircognizant abilities.

And been on my spiritual path for almost 25 years and during that time I have acquired through extensive studies, teachings and sacred texts, over 30 different healing modalities. I have even developed my own clearing and healing techniques.

I believe that we create our experiences, either consciously or unconsciously through our thoughts, beliefs, fears & behaviors. If you are in a situation that is less than ideal, it is because you are unconsciously choosing to express fear, pain and/or struggle. When you become more aware of the expressions you are choosing, and use the power of love, joy or compassion, with the power of intent, you will become aware of your outdated belief system, the fears that maintain your current situation and your reactions to situations that recreate your old realities. Once you become aware of your reactions, you can choose different actions, decisions and choices to move you through your unconscious reactions to create a new experience. Desires are a way that your soul radiates to you, what you are to become or achieve in this life. And once you begin to follow your bliss, your life starts on a course of spiritual awakening and development. You are beginning to consciously choose your reality.

Your Imagination is the only limit for a life with infinite possibilities. Sometimes, all it takes is someone to believe in your highest vision, for the vision to manifest in your reality.

Let me hold your vision for you.

Laurie Huston’s Relationship Counseling Services

Want information about your relationship?
What is blocking you from being in a relationship?
How to attract a life partner/Divine Union?
How to create a Sacred Sexual Relationship or making your relationship a spiritual practice?

intuitive relationship counseling Laurie Huston

We do the most growing spiritually by having our issues mirrored through a relationship. Consider our childhood as an example. Throughout our life we are in many different relationships. An intimate relationship forces us to examine our triggers. Answers are not outside ourselves, but often it is in a relationship where we are forced to see our issues, beliefs, patterns that keep us stuck. It is also the first place we lay blame when things aren’t going right. The only way to truly let go and heal our issues is to go within. Using our intuition through the connection with our inner being and becoming aware of what our relationships are teaching us about ourselves, is how we go within.

As an empath, or clairsentient I can feel your experience, and I can feel when you are holding back.  Add to this, claircognizance allows me to experience the alignment of “knowing” what may be occurring in a session, to assist you to realize how to Master a Path to your Heart. It is through the heart that we can know ourselves and our brilliance.

Contact me to schedule a private consultation and Guidance on your relationship to learn what is blocking you from being in a relationship, how to attract a life partner/Divine Union, and how to create a Sacred Sexual Relationship or making your relationship a spiritual practice.

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