Sex: Commitment or Real Love?

Let’s celebrate the month of love taking a quick look to the compatibility of two people according to their natal chart.

As I have said before, in terms of personal relationships opposites don’t attract, it is what we have in common what brings us together. We can have different personalities, we can have different backgrounds or we can come from different worlds but if we have at least one or two energetic components in our natal charts that are the same, we like each other and we can fall in love.

We can also like each other if at least one or two of our energetic components belong to the same group of astral bodies in the universe and if that is the case we say that they combine. But real love is better experienced when the energetic components are the same, otherwise it might be just commitment or great sex but not necessarily actual love.

Anyways all of the above and some more are signs of affinity, the first step in a relationship and the reason why many arranged ancestral marriages in Asia lasted forever: The couple didn’t know each other until the wedding day but their parents checked the compatibility of their natal charts when they were young and they arranged the marriage because they knew there was affinity that would turn into love.

Since there are many layers to astrology, there are different ways to check compatibility. Let’s explore the most basic but powerful one:

Go to my BaZi Calculator and plot your BaZi chart and the BaZi chart of your significant other. Once you have them in your hands check out the following and see what you find:

1.) Identify your day master that is the top element on your day of birth. Look for that element in any place on your significant other’s birth chart. Is it there? If yes, you are within him/her, you really have a place in his/her heart.

2.) Repeat the process above, the other way around. Identify your significant other’s day master. Look for that element in any place on your birth chart. Is it there? If yes, she/he is within you, she/he really has a place in your heart.

3.) If your day master is not in his/her chart but his/her day master is in your chart, you love him/her more.

4.) If his/her day master is not in your chart but your day master is in his/her chart, she/he loves you more.

5.) If none of your day masters are in each other’s chart, don’t worry, you simply have to explore a deeper layer of natal chart compatibility to find your affinity. Contact me to learn more. #HappyValentinesMonth #LoveEveryMonth

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Sex: Commitment or Real Love?  @vivianaesos @AYRIAL7

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