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Sharon Wunder – Aesthetic Lifestyle Coach; Modern Feng Shui Consultant, Interior Designer, Artist

“Life…it’s just as you arrange it!” – Sharon Wunder

Creator of the Conspire Design Method™ of Interior Design + Feng Shui

Hi! I’m Sharon Wunder and sharing the wonder of what your interiors do for you 24/7 is one way I create beauty in the world – wall by wall, room by room, property by property, life experience by life experience!


Sharing the wonder of what your interiors can do for you 24/7 is how I create beauty in the world – wall by wall, room by room, property by property, life experience by life experience.


As an artist of placement, I’ll work with you to create a blueprint in your environment to extinguish patterns of negative mind chatter for exquisite positive living.  I use a rebellious version of Feng Shui which mixes in design principles, and psychology.  It’s a unique holistic practice called the Conspire Design Method™. It’s Feng Shui redefined for modern times.

This practice becomes a whimsical tool of ah-a moments looking at your life, home, work, and play environments in a new perspective. Your thoughts and your things are literally interconnected. Yep, we’re going there.

How creative it is to conspire with your environment to achieve your ultimate creative life!  You’ll find yourself surrounded in vibrant energy, with more time, less drama, and abundance dripping from your chandeliers.


Now that’s good design.


  • My genealogy would show a straight line to Wonder Woman, not only in namesake but in what she stands for – all while in those boots!!! Oh my!
  • Art should have been my middle name. I was raised on crayons the color of periwinkle and burnt sienna, my fav’ mentors were my art teachers.  However, Rae will suffice as a symbol of my sunny disposition.
  • I take pictures of shoes left in the road – wouldn’t you?  I find them fascinating – like why?  What’s the story of the person who lost that shoe?  Someday I’ll have a coffee table book full of the images with short stories about them.
  • My teen years were all about modeling.  I spent time in NYC on the cat walk and interviewed for a Levi’s commercial.  Creating fashion shows, posing in art classes, and photographing other models became a side gig in college. I never put the camera down.
  • I always thought it would be fun to be a backup singer for a band. I think it’s the introvert and extrovert in me working hand in hand – on stage but in the back. Singing but not full songs.  I might need to learn to sing first.
  • “3” is my favorite number. Why?  It is the golden ratio of beauty, a symbol in many beliefs, the representation of time – (past, present, future), and stories – (beginning, middle, end).  So many other connections I won’t go into! Therefore- I had to have 3 kiddos.  It’s my own homage to the number!

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“What are 4 walls anyway?  They are what they contain. The house protects the dreamer.” – Frances Mayes

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