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Eight Keys To Consciousness

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Sight Beyond Sight is an introduction into intuitive consciousness. Author Raine Dalrymple expresses a style that is organic, refreshing, altruistic, expansive and technical. She displays a sense of realism, while still capturing the heart of emotion in picturesque graphics. By drawing on the spiritual essence, forging humanity into a merging of reality, psyche/emotion, and practical buoyancy, she ignites the soul’s expression. In this, the soul’s depth and intimacy, explores mapping an intelligence that is source.

Spirit life is discovered and elevated to intuitive consciousness levels, that empower. By tracing the blueprint and creating new imprints, life force is experienced. You are plunged into a dynamic rapture of promotion. Navigating the “Eight Keys to Consciousness,” moves you into awareness and through transformation in practical and metaphysical empowerment. Personal development of the mind, physical and spiritual health and emotional well-being becomes an intentional ally.

Published by Friesen Press.

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“Reading this book will be an enlightening journey into the depth of self-awareness. Sight Beyond Sight has precious potential to be a transformational experience into spiritual awareness.” – The AYRIAL Association



As we move in our life, indicators prompt us to take steps down a negative or positive avenue. By being aware of our own guidance system, in our intuition, we can be directed to which path is the best option opening up. From where do we gain our strength? Strength resides within and it is within your power to stand in your spirit life force, which is the source of who you are, in your soul’s truth. Come to understand what you want to achieve in this life, daily. In self-actualization we can stretch this appraisal from daily to infinity to our life’s end. So, we create short and long-term achievement goals.

In the evolution of awakening, we discover ourselves. Through deep self-connection, our spiritual flame ignites, thus we are evolving into who we truly are. Our attitude shall be one of genuineness and authenticity to get us to the fullness of ourselves. In a deep guttural push, we are coming into realization of who we are, in our what and why. It is in what we wish to achieve and why it is important to us. We are tapped in consciously, in a living book of reality. This is our reason for coming to the earth. Our what is in the working towards it and why is in the reason we choose to act, in this life dimension. It will sometimes be delayed, but is never impossible, when we believe. We live consciously to know in fullness through awakening and our intuitive guidance.

Author Raine Dalrymple  is a gifted psychic, visionary and teacher with over twenty five years experience.  If you would like to schedule a confidential consultation, 

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