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Amanda is a certified feng shui consultant and founder of Simple Shui.  Follow Amanda

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Simple Shui – A Party Raid!

It’s the holiday and party season!  So, our AYRIAL team reached out to feng shui expert Amanda Gibby Peters for a few tips!  And, she never fails to open up possibilities we often don’t think of!

So, let’s get this party started!

I wanted to share a process that people could easily follow to de-clutter their living room relatively quickly. and since this request coincides with high-spirited celebrations + merrymaking in the forecast, i concocted a simple pre-party shui sweep that’ll leave you plenty of time to put on that party dress! you ready, soul shine?

  • Divide your living space into 4 quadrants. does one look more cluttered or out of balance than the others? if so, begin there.
  • Grab a box, and remove every other thing (not holiday related, if the house is festively dressed) from the shelves and tables. side note: if you’re struggling with fatigue and easily overwhelm, keep that little box of goods tucked away for a week. Too much stuff in a room can be a slow but steady juice drain. After one week’s reprieve, only return what you would buy again.
  • Sift through those piles of books + magazines. If it unleashes high octane happiness, keep it. But if it barely registers a pulse, get rid of it. when we hoard other people’s thoughts and ideas, we have a murky time discerning our own inner wisdom. so, let it go and your voice will flow!
  • Finally, quickly dust the area.
  • Go back to step 1, and repeat through the remaining 3 quadrants.
  • BONUS TIP: simmer some orange rinds + cloves + cinnamon while you shimmy around — it’s the motivation brew that keeps our energy percolating!

xo – Amanda

P.S. Interested in simple shui coming to your nook of the woods in 2018? read more here!  Wisco, the Big Apple, South Carolina, and Utah are ready to shui party — the question is: are you? .

P.P.S Feeling the pull to sift through your things and finally be outrageously open? I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off 2018! Leap into a head start by buying one, two, or the bundle of simple shui workbooks for yourself — a little work now, and you could rocket to the moon with the energy you discover. because when we keep things simple, possibilities open up! and these workbooks are a perfect guide to get a new story started. .

De-clutter Your Living Room during this Festive Celebrations & Merrymaking Time! @simple_shui #fengshui @AYRIAL7  

Amanda Gibby Peters is a Dallas-based feng shui consultant and blogger with an international clientele. She believes feng shui is about living with what you love. Amanda lives with her husband and twin daughters.  Learn more

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