Let Me Introduce Myself. 


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Hello, I’m Sybilla Lenz, a professional Feng Shui consultant who works with individuals and business owners.  It’s lovely to connect with you!

Whether we realize it or not, we are all using Feng Shui.

With Feng Shui’s many practical tools and techniques, I can suggest changes to your home or office will bring positive changes to your career, wealth, health, relationships, or other aspects of your life. Individuals and organizations such as Oprah, Morgan Stanley, Marriott, and Habitat for Humanity have all turned to the philosophy of Feng Shui for enhancement and abundance.

I am certified in Western Bagua Feng Shui, a graduate of  Flying Star Feng Shui from the AmeriChi Feng Shui School in New York and, I have a degree in degree in interior design.

Feng Shui works!  I live in the house of my dreams in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania with my soulmate.

If you’re feeling stagnate in your professional life, or want to attract new clients, or want to build the perfect Feng Shui ready home, call me. Together, we can enhance your way of living!

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