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Hello! I am Sonic Nova

I’m a lifestyle coach and medical intuitive who can help you get clarity and healing transformation on a number of issues, including relationship, career, finance, and health. I also counsel on spiritual concerns, helping people make connections with departed loved ones and their own higher self!

I am also a psychic intuitive and energetic healer who can read into your “life map” and see into corners you were either unaware of or need more clarity on. I work on healing you at all levels, from the soul-spirit level to your mental and emotional bodies, right down to the physical and elemental.

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You can also experience my work as in Private Sessions or in my Virtual Class Rooms on my website, SonicNova.com. You will be able to have a virtual direct experience of this divine phenomenon which I, Sonia aka Sonic manifest for all of you through my plethora of psychic and medical intuitive abilities!

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