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Solodad Maria (Jan Michell-Fyfe)

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Solodad Maria is a Healer – Medical Intuitive – Spiritual Midwife

“Healing with the Feminine/Divine as a source for wholeness and oneness.” – Solodad Maria

About Solodad Maria

Hello, I’m Solodad Maria.  I am an intuitive and have been using this resource and knowledge as a tool for spiritual healing and as a spiritual midwife most of my life. In 1995 I had a spiritual awakening which awakened me to myself as a woman, powerful, liberating and truly elevating in terms of awareness and perception.

Intuitively I am guided to “see” and perceive the individuals inner structure, the core of the individual and everything that is connected with “life”. The individual’s values and personal makeup shows itself to me through creation and I can see the areas of this makeup which is sensitive and is expressing itself at this time. In being with the individual I can allow them to free themselves to be their own natural and true self.

In terms of awareness I see the person’s wholeness, the family of origin and energies throughout the history that is asking for resolution and peace. In bringing this sense of wisdom and value into the structure of the individual they are able to “live” with wholeness and joy being connected with their Divinity and beauty which is life enhancing and truly special.

Each client comes to me from their own sense of connection , this connection is what draws us together and allows everything that is needed to take place through my partnership with them I have been called a “Spiritual Midwife” by a colleague and I feel this explains the essence of my life and my work.

I work with individuals through a program of knowledge and “knowing” that guides us to a place of “presence” allowing the natural resource of healing to take place. I am keen to open up resources and share with the medical profession and also through the mind. I am trained in hypno/psychotherapy and use this training in an enlightening but informal way.

Also I have been a Reiki Master since 1996 which again I have attuned to my own natural way of healing. I published “Healing from the Heart” in 2003 and am presently writing about my work through the body which I have called “Body Language, I am also writing about the “Healing Child” which I wish to be another book of authenticity and freedom. I have written for publications on “Family Healing” and also self development for women.

Creatively everything in life is connected with the source, life is abundant and is fused with qualities that bring the Angels and guides of our hearts together to share with us our lives. We are all living in a time when these resources are showing themselves and we are “awakening” to our true selves.

I teach meditation, also use “voice” connecting with the Divine and “dance” as a source for healing and most of my clients are artists in this world of illusion seeking connections back with themselves.

My clients come mainly from outside the UK, origins of tribal and indigenous sources, where spirit and connection is linked with the Mother and Mother Earth.

Skype sessions are available. Contact me for details.


Solodad Maria offers Medical Intuitive Consultations

Solodad Marias offers private and confidential consultations which are intended to help individual’s heal from physical or emotional issues.  To guide individuals that require intuitive and spiritual insight to enhance their personal and professional life.


“Many thanks all the wonderful guidance!  Grateful ​blessings to you for the meditations. It was lovely to speak with you, I really uplifted and inspired after our session, I  haven’t felt like that for a very long time post-guidance.  You are very wise and gifted.
 – Lyn, Totnes Devon


Spiritual Midwifery Consultations

“Midwife literally means ‘with woman,’” I bring a divine patience and love throughout the pregnancy to the birth.”

As Spiritual Midwife, I work with women who are asking for guidance and deepening connections with themselves. Growing awareness at this time of transition on Earth. As we shift into this time of new energy and awakening we are being asked to focus on our awareness and deep beliefs in ourselves. For women we are being empowered and freed into our true nature, the feminine source and all life as a gift of connection and birthing ourselves into our power and the healer inside. Deep connections with source and our blessed Mother Earth who guides us, showing us the way home.

“I have strong connections with the oceans , particularly Dolphins and their energy comes to me to speak of the pathways they are creating and the blessings they bring to humanity and Mother Earth as healers and high vibrational conduits of New Earth.  Strongly aligned with the new children and the families of lineage they are guiding us home to ourselves through their vibration and deep sense of human-ness.

A vibrational frequency of connecting with their own families through awareness and a telepathic resonance of sound that is sacred and keeps their dolphin family safe and connected; this is a message for all families on earth.

Dolphin vibration can be heard anywhere on earth.  The dolphins and their spirit unifies and deepens with the resonance of our hearts and womb connections with women and the new children being birthed.

Soothing and restful energies of balance and peace.

Contact Solodad Maria to learn more about her consultations and to schedule a session:

Contact Solodad Maria

“Solodad has worked with me for many years ,  she shares with me from my home in India through insight and deep connection, advising and healing my roots and family values with the women and lineage, Grandmother, Mother and daughters.  She allows my energies to flow from a place of oneness and freedom – insightful and wise, she is a blessing to all!” – Neena Kainthola, pranic healer  Himalayas , India.

Your MidWifery Session Covers:

A midwifery session is a space of sacred union with the soul and her everlasting source of light. A blessing of freedom that connects with who we are at the level of grace, unity and joy. Each session is individual and based on true connection, heart and oneness. There is a sense of falling in love with the self through these sessions, high vibrational and knowing which grows and flows from within.

The sessions are about the client fully and completely, to connect into the infinity which is the self and blossom from a space of unity and balance.

For women there is a womb connection, the deeply feeling heart and her own gifts that are blessed with source, sacred, Divine and fully embracing her woman from inside.

Creativity grows through these sessions. I have worked with many artists and the “Creator” , source connection expands.

At the present time I am seeing into the lightbody and the growing awareness of rebirthing through these primal energies that are manifesting and asking us to expand into the Cosmos bringing heaven to earth.

It is being shown to me through my own development and rebirthing over the past few years that i am a gate/wisdom keeper for the New Earth, sharing the openings of the earth into the crystalline matrix of all being, crystalline forms are emerging through Pachamama.

The upgrades are tools for the “Master” inside and I am guided to work with individuals at soul level to enhance their infinite self and free their physical body into the “One” source of life, it is the ascended one who is birthing her/himself as this planetary shift grows and flows from within.

Deeply transformative the sessions “allow” the individual and their true makeup to emerge; a blessing to unite soul and heart as one source of being.

Spiritual Midwife Session

As a spiritual midwife, Solodad Marie will assist in the self birthing process. “Mother Earth is experiencing a rebirth and as women, we are midwifing this planetary shift through our awareness.”

Each individual has their own unique energy system,  Solodad Maria’s role is to provide the sacred space for the individual to grow and unite with themselves and their unborn child.

Consultations last 1 to 2 hours.

A session with a child in the womb would be the connection with the mother and her integration and sacred pregnancy unfolding through our connection, partnering her also in spirit if necessary as she grows through her process.

The sessions are about the moment and deep love that brings us together to balance and provide sacred union with Mother and child.

“With the mother’s permission, I very often connect with the soul of the child.”  Solodad Maria

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Solodad Maria is an author:



Healing from the heart was written as an autobiographical account of my spiritual awakening and the message of the woman inside and her deep knowing for all of life.

​The Wise woman inside and her knowing self , multidimensional wisdom that created a space for gentle healing and the infinite beauty of the healer and her ability to connect and heal from inside, sharing the resources of the Universal Source as a place of love and oneness.

The blessing that brought the truth of my existence from inside where I was guided and was given the healing resource to heal myself and share this gift with others particularly women ……the message of oneness and the beauty of lives passage through timelessness and freedom inside… blessed be!

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