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Areas of Expertise

Certified Life Coach
Medical Intuitive
Remote Viewer
Relationship Counseling
Speaker – Teacher


Individuals, Professionals, Business Owners


Consults Internationally


English, Spanish

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Sonia Novick: Certified Life Coach & Medical Intuitive

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Hello! I am Sonic Nova

I’m a lifestyle coach and medical intuitive who can help you get clarity and healing transformation on a number of issues, including relationship, career, finance, and health. I also counsel on spiritual concerns, helping people make connections with departed loved ones and their own higher self!

I am also a psychic intuitive and energetic healer who can read into your “life map” and see into corners you were either unaware of or need more clarity on. I work on healing you at all levels, from the soul-spirit level to your mental and emotional bodies, right down to the physical and elemental.

Energetic Healing
I,  Sonic Nova, can then work upon your trouble spots by bringing a white-light energetic healing energy to you at all levels. This includes chakra clearings and activations and much more.

A Few Highlights:
• Director and Producer of “Surfing the Cosmic Waves” – a live and interactive internet radio show on where we explore our multidimensional, true and Divine Nature!

• Former Director and Producer of “Beyond The Living – OBE” multimedia Internet radio show for 4 years.

• Co-author of: “We All Go To Heaven When We Stop Creating Our Own Hells.”

• I have lived through 2 death experiences, once at age 5 and again at age 14 where I resuscitated myself back with the living both times. You can read about my experiences my book, “We All Go To Heaven.” 

• In 2012,  became a Certified Remote Viewer by ARVARI Academy.

In addition, I am a contributing author, & former Internet Radio Show host personality at Real Coaching Radio.

And, I’m thrilled to be providing my motivational and inspiring tips for the AYRIAL Positive Living Skill!  Be sure to enable the skill on Amazon and don’t miss out!

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Extra-Sensory Self Development

Relationship Counseling

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You can also experience my work as in Private Sessions or in my Virtual Class Rooms on my website, You will be able to have a virtual direct experience of this divine phenomenon which I, Sonia aka Sonic manifest for all of you through my plethora of psychic and medical intuitive abilities!

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