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AYRIAL has tested this member and recommends their services.Rose Hart is a Spiritual Medium, Life Coach & Medical Intuitive 

 I feel blessed and privileged to have this gift, I believe it is sacred and should be treated with respect!

AYRIAL’s Best Psychic Medium List

Spiritual Psychic Medium Rose Hart has been recognized as one of the country’s Best Psychic Mediums by AYRIAL Founder, Victoria lynn Weston.  “As a professional psychic-intuitive for over twenty years, I founded AYRIAL to feature the best psychic mediums who’ve been tested and recommended,” says Victoria.  “Today, it’s important for those individuals seeking accurate psychic medium insight to be able to distinguish the best psychic mediums from those who are simply not in that category. We save individuals the work of scouring the internet searching for qualified, accurate and authentic psychic and spiritual mediums.”

About Rose Hart

If you find yourself at a crossroads in life, perhaps it’s a sign to change your spiritual perspective or to get a personal fresh perspective. Consult with Rose Hart who is considered to be one of the best spiritual mediums from Newport Beach, California. She offers confidential consultations to help your personal growth and spiritual development.

A professional medium, life coach and medical intuitive for over twenty five years, Rose consults with client’s in single sessions by telephone or SKYPE but encourages people who truly desire to grow personally or spiritually to consider more frequent sessions by monthly retainer;

“A client will be able to contact me daily by phone or text. A single session is good for a broad brush stroke of information, but to get past obstacles that are holding you back and to help you grow, daily or weekly sessions are encouraged. It’s our continual conversations, my visions to build a relationship that you can see significant results.”

Rose Hart offers a variety of consultations including:

  • Past, present and future session
  • Past Life reading which can often help and provide understanding to struggles and obstacles that an individual may be going through today
  • Medical Intuitive: I can view an individual’s body and and find or see illness
  • Spiritual medium, I connect with those on the other side and relay their messages.
  • Animal readings
  • Access to Akashic Records
  • Retainer Consultations: Clients pay a monthly retainer and can have access to me by phone, text or emails and I’ll address specific questions or concerns.

Session Fees:

  • 30 minutes: $150.00
  • 60 minutes: $200.00

In my profession as a psychologist I interact with both law enforcement and fire officials. In this capacity I have had contact with Rose for the last 10 years. She has provided information that has proven direction to both the fire and police department in their investigations, specifically regarding the description of arsonists and terrorists. In addition to the information she has provided to me, I have several patients who also see her and report on the astonishing level of her accuracy in predictions and insight.  – Robin Klein

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Spiritual Awakenings

Rose Hart Spiritual Coach, Medical Intuitive“My father was in the military and met my mother in Morocco, where I was born.  I was six months old when we were on a plane to Pakistan that I had an out of body experience.  I could see rooftops beneath, they had just had a monsoon. I wondered where we would land. When I saw the military base, I sensed our house wasn’t ready and we had to stay in a hotel. I remember the color of the walls, a specific painting on the wall and a long crack down the wall. I also saw that my sister was sick with high fever. Years later, when I was six years old I shared this with my mother and I watched the color leave her face and I knew there was something different about me.”

At the tender age of six, she recalls; “I was eating my lunch in front of the television watching my favorite show, my mom was in the kitchen and out of the blue, I blurted out to her that grandma died.  Mom got mad at me, but seconds later the phone rang and it was my aunt in Morocco telling my mom that grandma just passed. I knew because my grandma was standing next to me and has been by my side ever since.”

“I inherited my grandmother’s gift but struggled with it while growing up.  It wasn’t until my 30s when people started requesting readings at such a rate that I was compelled to embrace my gift as my life’s work.”


“I view Rose as a therapist with an ‘edge.’ You can tell her anything and know that it will be held in absolute confidence.” – Carole

“I have never crossed paths with another medium who is as gifted as Rose.” – Jan

“Rose told me things that no one knew about me, and that truly helped me to deal with certain issues.” – Sheryl

Additional Projects

Rose is also a screenwriter who writes about psychic themed stories. In addition, she is developing REELLAB,  an online platform that will showcase the work of millennial film students and theatre artists that will launch summer of 2016.


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I adore Rose! I call her about twice a year and she’s beyond amazing. She’s more like a therapist than a psychic…she doesn’t just give you a reading and say “good luck!!” She genuinely cares. She’s told me details of my life and family that no one else would know, helped me feel hopeful after a tragic death from someone very close, and reassured me when I felt doubtful.
She’s also warned me of pitfalls and associating with the wrong people.
She’s down to earth and…just completely rocks!!

- D.J. From San Francisco California
Wednesday I went to see Rose for my 5th time and, as usual, I am so impressed with her ability to be so right on about what is going on in my life. It just amazes me how accurate she is knowing things about my past that there is no way anyone could have known. I have taken my daughter-in-law and two other friends to see Rose and they too can’t believe how right she is with their lives. I will continue to see Rose in the future.

Connie From San Marcos, California
I was referred to Rose and she was amazing! Rose knew my 1st name and asked the month and day of my birthday. Within minutes she filled my heart with joy! I lost my 1st love 34 years ago due to a freak accident and she was able to connect us in a way that filled my heart with that love all over again, and she was able to fill in all the questions that I have been carrying inside for all these years. She is compassionate, accurate, and I would recommend her for everyone that needs to connect with the past and to help you make the right choices for your future ventures. I will be forever thankful to Rose.

Janice From Huntington Beach, California
I have to say that Rose is one truly amazing and gifted person. She has helped me through trying times in my past. I was unemployed and wrongfully terminated and she predicted that I was going to hire a lawyer that has red hair. Well, my good friend whom works for a law firm asked me to speak to one of their lawyers. When I researched this lawyer that I recently hired, she had red hair. Rose also told me that I was going to start a job in January and I was hired by an insurance agent in January. If you need help with clarifying anything…go see Rose…you will love her.

Darlene From San Diego, California