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Sylvie de Gil is a prominent member in the worlds of fashion, nutrition, and spirituality. She has dedicated her life to empowering and uplifting women through fashion, weight-loss and spiritual enlightenment. She is a French businesswoman, living between Los Angeles and New York, with clients all over the world.

De Gil graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2003, giving her the title of Consultant Practitioner, and was later accredited by the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants. She assesses her clients’ stress levels, weight loss goals, exercise routines, sleep cycles, relaxation and overall lifestyle practices. These factors are then used to monitor the progress towards their individual health goals. Most importantly as a CSNN Graduate, de Gil encourages self-responsibility by empowering clients through personalized education and information. And after 15 years of research, she has established a diet around the premise of losing weight with consciousness.

For the past ten years, de Gil has also been the founder of Jomsy Fashion which is dedicated to helping young up-and-coming designers develop their ideas, and turning them into a reality.

The company began by opening the door to the intimate world of fashion, however through consulting with her clients, she found that many of them were not happy with their image. Working with emerging designers has allowed her to get to the root of why people are dissatisfied in a world filled with abundant options. This discovery has translated itself into Sylvie’s different fields of work, and she uses what she has learned in the Kabbalah to share the metaphorical and mystical wisdom with others.

Jomsy Fashion has won multiple awards and has published articles in magazines and newspapers, in France and United States.

Sylvie de Gil believes in mind-body-image synergy by focusing on style (image), nutrition (body), and spirituality (mind). As a life coach, she uses her expertise in these areas to help others fulfill their life goals and align themselves with their life’s desires!

In conjunction with her innate desire to support and prepare women for embracing the fruits of life, Sylvie de Gil has a blog called “Sixty And Not A Granny.” Her blog, alongside her coaching, invites women of all ages wanting to pursue their dreams and live with happiness, wellness and fulfillment.

Sylvie de Gil’s core message is the equation:



“I believe that my mission throughout life has been guided by the question, ‘What should I bring to the people that combines my three passions and studies?'” – Sylvie de Gil


Sylvie de Gil is a Kabbalistic life mentor. She uses her spiritual knowledge of the Kabbalah- an esoteric method, discipline, and school of thought, to give the people around her the key to accessing their biggest dreams and fullest potential. At her core, de Gil came into this life to be a messenger and to infuse Kabbalistic wisdom into her mentoring style. Sylvie’s goal is for her clients to identify their life purpose, or “Big Picture” as she calls it, and to break any “Mountains of Fear” residing within their minds.

De Gil encourages clients to become a better version of themselves and to activate 100% of their full-living potential. After spending many years of her life mentoring people, Sylvie believes that motivating and empowering women to see the strength of their minds is her life mission.

Through Sylvie’s coaching clients learn how to build themselves up from an internal level to access their deepest desires. They are given the tools to become architects of their lives through mind-body-image congruence.

Sylvie de Gil’s Coaching is for motivating women to see the strength of their minds! She encourages women to tap into the wonders of their feminine energy and use it as fuel for living the life of one’s dreams.

Why Women?

Sylvie will work individually with women to empower them, take care of their physical and mental health, their self-image, and their fears. She especially wants mature women to embrace their age. For example, let’s say a woman in her 60’s schedules a consultation. She expresses that she used to be a model, and she was slim very and beautiful. She is older now and thinks she cannot work as a model anymore because she has wrinkles, grey hairs, and put on weight. She gets depressed each birthday. De Gil’s goal is to revitalize this woman and for her to feel like she can still design her life!

According to Sylvie, each part of life is a new step. “If your mind is strong and healthy, you will love your body, your wrinkles, and your old age. Don’t be limited by your age! Why not begin a new career? Why not model clothing for mature women? And most importantly, share your experiences with others! Smile, dream big, buy a new dress, or a new house even! Live in the present and create goals to target the future you want to live.”

To all of the women in the world: “when you are young, eat your life, and live each day with passion and love. Don’t waste your time. When you turn forty, don’t live in the past, live in the moment! Begin to open your eyes and prepare for your sixties. Prepare new goals for the upcoming chapters of your life’s story. When you are sixty and older, continue to have a lot of dreams. Your life is far from over, and these chapters have yet to be written! Eat your life, dream your life, love your life. And take time to take care of yourself. “

What is Kabbalah?

Kabbalah is an ancient, magical Jewish belief that inspires people to live their best, most-fulfilling life through a mystical interpretation of the Torah, a holy, Jewish text. Living in a Kabbalistic way will help you improve the quality of your life.

Shalom (Peace) Meditation:

Close your eyes and begin listening to your body. Do not rush this process, do not force yourself to breathe, or do anything else for that matter. Simply sit and relax. You may start to feel the beating of your heart slow down, and your muscles relaxing. Just listen to your body to get in tune with your mind. Once you feel that your body and mind are in harmony, you can go about your daily activities. Doing this simple meditation technique will start your day off peacefully.

A Personal Consultation With Sylvie – What To Expect:

Enjoy a FREE 30-minute discovery session with Sylvie.

Your first consultation with life coach Sylvie de Gil has to be face to face. “I want to see the other person,” said Sylvie.

This face-to-face preference is due to Sylvie’s personalized approach as a life coach, or Kabbalistic-Inspired Mentor, as she prefers to say. At the age of 19, she discovered her abilities as a spiritual medium, to read the energy behind people’s eyes. “When someone enters the room, I can feel a lot of things about them. I feel the energy, and I feel the aura.” Your first consultation with Sylvie has to be by Skype or in-person so that you can connect on a deeper level. “What I feel from other people is important,” said Sylvie. “I can see the past behind the people, the past suffering, and sometimes I see the problems that they have. This is one way I figure out how I can help these people in the way that they need.” No two people are the same, so Sylvie’s approach will differ to suit your individual needs.

Regarding the consultation itself, it will be very personal. It’s like a conversation. “I am not here to judge anyone, but to see and hear you” said Sylvie.

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Sylvie de Gil’s Personal Coaching & Mentoring:

Sylvie believes that if your mind and body are connected, the light will come, and you will start to see the Big Picture. She finds where something is disconnected, and together you will explore how to reconnect the dots. Sylvie’s goal is to figure out exactly what you want in life and where you want to go, in addition to showing you the way.

De Gil gets to the root of the issues in people’s lives by asking introspective questions that require looking deeply into one’s life to discover where the problem lies. Once these details are uncovered, she guides you towards the light. “For example, someone comes to me with discomfort, because perhaps he or she is suffering from “bore-out” at work. After asking a series of questions, we may discover that their occupation itself is not the problem. The root of her problems are the difficulties in her relationship that are pouring over into the different parts of her life. From there, I continue to guide the person by providing solutions and steps to take. If they need further details, I will recommend that they see a career specialist.”

A metaphor Sylvie likes to use with her clients is “Figuring out what you want in life is like being at a train station. If you don’t know where to go, you will stay at the station and watch the trains leave the station. My goal is to give you the luggage and ticket for boarding the train. “

Let’s say, for example, that you want to lose weight. You’ve tried all the fad diets, and you think it’s impossible to lose weight. What will happen? Well, first, it’s important to know why you gained weight, and why you want to lose weight. Sylvie will listen to what you have to say, and work out why there is a disconnection between your mind and your body. Maybe you’re eating due to stress; maybe you have body-image issues. Sylvie will figure out if you are ready to make dietary changes and start the diet she has developed after 15 years of research. Only once you’ve worked out why you want to lose weight will you be able to move forward. It’s not about the weight necessarily; it’s about the monitoring of the mind.

I will travel for your consultation or workshop, just know travel and lodging are an additional investment.

Between sessions, it’s essential that we take a rest and think about what we discovered during the consultation. Sylvie de Gil offers a follow-up up to two emails.

Take the time to take care of yourself!!

Consultations and Workshops can be done in English, French or Spanish.

Yes, I want to Schedule Time with Sylive!

“I am positively and profoundly appreciative for Miss Sylvie de Gil! Her coaching has propelled me to reach up to my potential. She has an innate ability to understand her clients and push them in a direction that is guided by her love. Sylvie has an energy level beyond the pH scale, and by simply being in her presence she reflects her vibrancy onto those around her! She has been able to listen to me and understand me along with putting me on the right path.” – Madisen

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Sylvie de Gil Workshops:

Do you feel dormant, empty, anxious, fatigued, lost or hopeless?

If you have lost the purpose of your life, do not know why you were born and what your mission is, you may need a life coach to guide you to happiness and discovering your purpose.

Sylvie will guide you is through her three Kabbalistic-inspired workshops. No Kabbalah background necessary.